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Tales from TWD (Interactive Fanfic)

posted by ClementineCultist on - last edited - Viewed by 16.3K users

After reading the 'Continuing from S1' fanfic, I was inspired to make a fanfic of my own.
Basically, the fanfic would read like an episode of the game (i.e. dialogue choices and plot-branching choices and game-over screens and stuff), but would be almost entirely open-ended.
The 'almost' in the previous sentence is there because we'll also have to go along with a bare-bones
'plot skeleton', which will be voted on by a 2/3ds majority.
Here are some plot skeletons:
A. A new, completely original group visits the Travelier Motel a month after Lee's group abandons it.
B. A mother and teenage son travel to Rome, GA, chasing after a rumor of safety.
C. A bandit group plots to overthrow their charismatic, sociopathic leader.

Edit #1: GUYS the vote is over. B has been chosen. A and C are included in the story. (The motel is the Travelier Motel)

Edit #2: Apparently there's some confusion as to how this works. It'll work just like the 'Continuing from S1" fanfic. Basically, one user writes a piece, then another user continues where he left off. However, I'll be lenient on the 1-paragraph rule. Also, every 5 choices, the community gets to vote for a major choice. Also, no Rule 34. This is a serious MATURE story, no sex unless it fits with the story. That's basically it!

Edit #3: At the behest of AWESOME0, I'd like everyone who's new in this thread that a summary can be found on page 12.

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