• I should mention I'm only up to Fables #52 so I'm not entirely sure if there is ever a reason for it, but I assume not since in the first volume and a few others he looks more like a child.

    • I think it's just a different artist's vision of him and his character. The thuggish version accentuates how pissed off he is about being stuck as a child for several centuries, I guess. But I did like the version where he appears to be a normal cute little kid at first glance and then he turns out to be all foul mouthed and grown up.

    • He's drawn that way to evoke the square, solid nature of a carved wooden puppet. All the wooden people look that way when Buckingham draws them.

      • True. Maybe that's one of the reasons why I don't mind Buckingham's depiction. Because of the uniformity that he shows with Pinocchio and all of the wooden soldiers. It works. He did also say in the Fables Encyclopedia that he drew his face like that so that when you looked at him he just seemed to scream "I've been stuck as a child for three hundred years and I'm really not happy about it."

        • That might be part of why I don't like it actually. I understand that they are supposed to look uniform because they're all carved by Gepetto and made of wood, but I don't think it needs to be so obvious. And things like Rose Red having a giant rose on her shirt, Boy Blue having "B" musical notes, Flycatcher and his frog hat. The art in the comics is always throwing these things in your face, whereas I think the game has a chance to be more subtle, and let the player come to notice things about the characters. I'd prefer to come to the conclusion that Pinocchio is pissed off by the things he says and the way he acts, not by giving him a thug appearance.

  • I agree. I love Buckingham's artwork, and there's something humorous about the way he depicts Pinocchio. But, I think that if they do decide to use Pinocchio's character in the game it would probably translate better if they made him look more like the childish version that we saw in the early issues.

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    Don't worry. Pinocchio is not a hard wood after all.

  • I hope for a confrontaion between mickey mouse and bigby.

  • I never did care for the mugsy look either. I guess its to stress the fact that he used to be wooden so he's not exactly like the other human fables.

  • There is an issue of fables where willingham addresses readers questions in short two to six page vignettes ... I believe one of the questions was why Pinnochio's face look the way it does ... Or maybe more specifically the mouth. I personally prefer the buckingham/leialoha artwork way more than when they have the guest artists ... I remember skipping a couple of issues because the artwork was so bad. Also those guest artist story arcs tend to not be that relevant anyway.

  • Eh, that's part of the appeal for me. I love the introduction to Pinocchio where he bitterly says that when he became a real boy, he didn't want to be stuck as a boy forever. I love that he's a little kid who has the bitter look of a man centuries old.

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