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Can Beauty be possibly next?

posted by Phews BANNED on - last edited - Viewed by 1.2K users

Awhile ago somebody released 2 screenshots with 1 being beast and bigby fighting. Both were really angry but for what exactly? I can only assume it can possibly be either 1. When you lied to beast for beauty because she asked you to and she must've gotten in trouble etc. Or 2. Beauty maybe gets killed and beasts finds out and goes to bigby asking if he knew anything about it - Maybe that's where bigby tells him about the past murders and he gets angry for not telling him. 3. Or something else in ep2.

Also if you haven't played episode 1 and are looking in the forums about episode 2, something is seriously wrong with you

But i mean it's pretty logical right? Only young girls that have been attractive have been killed (no spoilers). What do you guys think? Beauty wasn't that main of a character and seemed she was up to no good at the start of episode 1. Maybe this can raise suspicion to her?

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