• Another image, just what the hell
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  • Even if the original pic is fake, it's a hell of a lot more convincing than other so-called "leaked images" from season 2. The sunken eyes, the unkempt beard, the unwashed clothes...this is a man who's survived the death of his son, the suicide of his wife, and sixteen+ months of hell on earth. I can definitely see Kenny looking like this if/when Clem meets up with him again.

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  • Now I believe it. It looks pretty real to me. :)

  • Anyone who believes its real doesn't deserve to play EP2.


  • Well.. a Kenny haired silhouette in the episode 4 slide does have a collared jacket broadening his shoulders...

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    And the Kenny model shows a collared jacket.

    Hmm. Could be real. Anyone post any actual reasons for it being fake, or just hate on the people that believe its real?

    • And for those who think the Kenny model is fake because of the hair, low resolution two dimensional view of hair looks weird.

      Also, look at Clementines hair in this picture, and Kenny's hair on the right of Clementine. They are both unkempt mops of hair. Some people just don't do anything with their hair and it looks weird. Look at your own bed- or hat-hair some time, then imagine you are in an apocalypse and you might care less about what your hair looks like.

      It's also possible that the hat-less Kenny model is a beta model, and that they are still fixing is hair, which could still be in low res at this stage in development.

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      You make a good point, The Kenny-like shadow has like a jacket on, The only reason i think the picture is fake is because its Way Too Blurry and it just looks like fan art to me, But it might be real who knows

      • Oh yeah, I'm not saying it's definitely real, because I can see how someone might have faked it, I'm just saying that the reasons people have given so far are a bit inadequate when it comes to proving that it is definitely fake, also I lean towards it being real because it seems like a realistic design Telltale would use (there's no huge reason he would lose his shirt and necklace, unlike Clem who changed due to growing taller), the jacket, more practical cargo pants, and beard fits the 'things are getting colder' theme, and overall makes him look more rugged, like Clementine and Christa after the 16 month time skip.

        • Also the necklace and shirt helps us identify him definitively after the time skip, the other more major features however make him look believably different after the 16 month time skip. Some people would have trouble with identifying him without the beads and shirt given that his beard covers a lot of his face, and without his signature mustache he looks rather different.

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    Antero BANNED


    Someone took Nate's jacket


    and Mathew's pants


    and some other stuff and pasted them together.

  • It looks good but it looks like S1's graphics and textures. S2 is much more colourful and comic looking

  • As Antero has proven here, this is indeed a fake.

    Let that be an end to THIS particular 'leak'.

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