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Borderlands is not a strong enough IP to warrant a TTG game

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i expect it having the lowest sales of all the post TWD S1 games. And what a random IP to make a game of.

  • I disagree borderlands has tons of fans

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    Jennifer Moderator

    I'm personally glad that Telltale is still willing to go after the quirky, less mainstream franchises. Homestar Runner seemed like a pretty random license for them to pick up as well, but Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People ended up being one of my favorite Telltale game seasons.

  • my opinion as someone who has only recently been a fan of Telltale, so a casual buyer i suppose. it needs to be a very well regarded game for me to even consider it. and even then i probably wouldnt buy it until all of the episodes were out.

    the thing about making a game based on another game's world, if i wanted to play Borderlands.....i would play Borderlands. Unlike TWD, Fables and Game of Thrones, Borderlands already has very good games i can play to get the Borderlands experience. the other recent choices either had crappy games, inconvenient games or no games at all

    Thats not to say it wont be good, Telltale is good at making interesting stories, but this one is probably a pass for me....especially buying day 1 with all the delays on TWD2 and Fables that are happening.

    • This. I never played Borderlands so I'm not really attached to this IP. Many people didn't like the Walking Dead and then thet buy it, after it became GOTY, I think I won't buy it on day one, but, if it will be a masterpiece like TWD, I think I'll buy it when alla the episodes will be released.

  • Not big enough an IP? Well, at least I HEARD of it before. Tell me how many people knew of fables before TWAU. Exactly.

    • I'm just saying that I never played it like many didn't watch the Walking Dead's TV show, so I will buy it when it will be all released, reading comments and opinions. The same thing I'm doing with TWAU.

      P.S. Maybe your post wasn't for me, but still I explained my idea better with this post xD

  • Telltale seems to value charm and character in the games they choose to do - that's why when I heard about them doing Borderlands, I was actually pretty excited. Borderlands has humor, a LOT of charm, and violence - Telltale seems to like this combination. I also feel like the Borderlands art style fits in almost flawlessly with their portfolio. I'm interested to see what they'll do.

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