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TWAU Season Pass PS3 not working?

posted by TheSpartanDon on - Viewed by 403 users

So I bought The Wolf Among Us' season pass directly off the PS3 store, but it didn't download anything. But since the pass was registered as purchased I figured it was all good. So I downloaded the demo for the Wolf among us and figured the game would recognise that I had the pass and unlock all of episode 1, but it hasn't.

I've tried lots of different things; redownloading the season pass, uninstalling and redownloading episode 1, trying to purchase the pass directly from the game to see if it recognises that I have bought the pass (it just says 'downloading' for about two seconds before disappearing)

Anyone ran into this issue before that could help me out?

Thanks in advance

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    TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

    I apologize for the inconvenience. When you are on the Playstation Store, please make sure to download both the game, and the unlock key for the game to be unlocked into the full version. This unlock key should be about 3mb in size. After downloading and installing the unlock key, start up the game, and your game will be unlocked into the Full Game.

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