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Who do you guys think is the most hated character in the whole series of the walking dead (season 1 and 2)??? For me I hated Lilly and Larry the most.



  • Stranger, Whether he had his reasons or not he got Lee and half the group Killed, Have to put him on top

  • I hated Kenny...

    Always screwed things up. Always does the opposite of what you want. Gets eaten or shoots him self in the head depending on if you save or don't save ben go down and try to save him or not I tried all the combos I saw him get eaten shoot him self in the head and the one were ben is already dead he just gets eaten how you say things or saying nothing at all can really change things up sometimes at least a little bit but it all ends the same.

  • The Save-Lots bandits. Read a bit of back story on Jolene, fuck those guys.

  • --> . <-- Use a few more of those.

  • Duck. Most people hated Duck. (I didn't)

  • I don't truly hate any of the characters, at least none of the characters that are part of Clementine's groups.

    I find Sarah weird though. She's so uncomfortable. When Carlos says "stay away from my daughter" I wish there was an option to respond "you don't have to tell me twice, she's awkward, bro."

    And when Sarah's mental and/or social disability that was hinted at is fully disclosed in a later episode, this post is going to make me look like an a-hole.

  • Yeah I agree, the Stranger. I mean, I don't hate Larry. I don't hate Vernon. I don't hate Rebecca. Not really; they all do or say some pretty hateful things, but at least I can understand their motivations. I can imagine the game having the player make similar choices if you were in their shoes.

    But the Stranger? He's pretty responsible (even indirectly) for Lee's bite, Kenny's separation (I'm hopeful). In the end, I realized Ben was just a scared kid, and I realized I put too much responsibility on him, and expected him to rise to it. But stealing a scared girl with malicious intent? That's pure evil.

  • Indeed. When that dialog choice came up, I chose the "she has to grow up sometime" because I thought this was a solemn but helpful "Chuck and Lee on the train moment". But no, Clem says it a bit too flippantly for my taste, and I instantly regretted it.

    I thought she would put more emotional weight behind her statement, but she is still an 11 year old kid, for all that's happened. So that makes sense, I suppose. Still, it was one of those "yeah, I meant that, but not in that tone...dang it."

  • Yeah, While Larry was no doubt a DouchdBag He was just a grumpy Old man and after being around for him for 3 months it was impossible for me to want something bad to happen to him believe it or not, St. Johns did some pretty messed up stuff but but they only killed Mark and I returned the favor by killing their whole family so we were even, Vernon is a backstabbing Old Bitch but didn't get any of us killed or do something to try to hurt us, The stranger on the other hand had the idea of killing us the whole time and somewhat had success doing so

  • Duck.... kind of. im a big kenny fan but his son.... Duck...oh

  • Forgive my poor memory but what did the stranger did exactly?

  • Hate? None really, everyone has their reasons for doing what they did. In this case, mainly to survive... But then again I'm the type who'd just walk on after a basketball hit me on the head without even looking back to see who did it (accidentally)

    only regret there is not passing it back, lol

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    I butted heads with Kenny, but the love/hate relationship made his story interesting. So for the most part, the only characters of the main group I had lasting issues with are Molly, who felt somewhat out of place, and Ben, when his incompetence gets taken to unfathomable levels.

    I'll just throw some hate out for the Save Lots Bandits, who's motivation for wanton violence never went further than "Because we can."

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    Larry for me.

    Major A-hole from his first appearance to the salt lick scene...

  • I wanted to "Throw ben off this fucking train"

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    This bitch..... Seriously hate her at least Larry and the Stranger were decent villains

    Alt text

    Argh that face, She is stealing that hat WHY, just to hate on her?

  • Clem's walkie talkie.

  • I'm going left field here.

    I'm calling out on Sarah. Her complete obliviousness and her tendency to trust easily is going to cause so much future pain.

  • Becca, damn that girl is so friggin stupid and she got NO ability to make circumspect decisions and that in Z-apocalypse makes little of no sense! Damn she is so annoying, sorry.

  • She's creepy however until she does something worse than that I'm not gonna hate her

  • Yeah, it's like how in ep 1, when Clem said she had to pee, I chose " then just go", and the way Lee said it made me feel like a bitch. And then I accidentally called Lilly a bitch...

  • omid died because of that cold hearted slut

  • they raped jolene those motherfuckers

  • For me, the most I hate is Lilly. But for some reason, a bunch of people love her, so I suppose the most hated one is Ben, though I really liked him.

  • I hate the Stranger, the bitch from the toilet (lol) and... Carlos. He is the worst doctor I have ever seen.

  • I'd say the Stranger because he is the main reason Lee gets bitten and killed, then he tries to make you feel guilty over stealing his supplies and some other things you did. Well I bet he stole and looted for the supplies he got, so he should of done a better job at keeping them secure from other scavengers, leaving the car engine running with the keys still in the car was stupid and he should of accepted that it was his own dumb fault his food got taken.

  • REBACCA, nuff said

    "you should be nicer to me.....thats just my advice" you tell that bitch clem

  • Save-lot bandits, one word for you on why : Jolene.

  • He was the guys at the end who stole Clem via her walkie-talkie. The person Clem/Lee kills in the hotel near the end of the first season.

  • Actually, Kenny most likely shot Ben, to put him out of his misery. You hear Ben say "Kenny Ple-" POP! And then Ben did not say anything else.

  • I'd say Larry in Season 1. He's a backstabber (Leaving Lee to die after Lee saved his life) and he made no secret that he want Lee dead even in front of Clementine.
    So far, I have a dislike for Rebecca. She may change later in Season 2, but so far you can tell she has little respect for Alvin.

  • The Stranger. Hes an idiot. He got all butthurt because we took the stuff out of his car but really what did he expect? He left his car open and unlocked and he acts surprised that someone took it? Even before the zombie out break leaving your car unlocked and open with valuables in it is stupid. If anything he should have been glade that at-least the food fell in the hands of good people and not anyone like the bandits or the St. John brothers.

  • Indeed, they top the list of bad badies for me.

  • it was because of them attacking the motor inn that many of the cast died/left

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