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csi change the language

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hi there i bought this game when i was on holiday in the states, when i got back and installed it the game is in spanish, is there a way i can change the langauge to english, please help thanks
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  • I'll look into this for you.
  • Hi again,

    I checked on this for you, and there is no way to change the language. Also, the game should only be in Spanish if the packaging is also in Spanish. If the packaging is in English but the game in Spanish, that sounds like a manufacturing problem, and you'll have to contact Ubisoft to get a replacement.
  • Hi, I bought it in France and I just hate our dubbing. Luckily for me our version is a "multi" one so I just had to go and tweak a little registry key to get it to run in English. Just run your regedit, and search for "CSI" continue to search until you get a key located in the
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\...\Telltale Games\CSI5.exe
    and in this one you just have to change from whatever it is (French in my case) to English and voilà!

    Hope it helps.
  • I have the UK version and to change the language you have to do this before you install the game. On the Install-Screen at the bottom there are several different flags representing the languages of the texts of the game. just click on the american/english (i don't remember which) one for english texts/subtitles.
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