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Clementine is a little badass now.

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So when exactly was it that Clementine's theme changed from this:

To this:

The apocalypse ain't got a chance, that little girls tougher than a mountain.

  • My hypothesis: Season 2's gonna be one big FUBAR-fest, and Clem is the only one tough enough to make it out.

  • Clem was pretty much transformed by death. Everyone she loved. Cared for. Dead. Though, even though they died, they died for her. She has that enormous sense of responsibility and guilt riding on her back. It was so crushing she had to adapt to becoming an adult far sooner than any child should.

    • Its made me sad when i saw her at the beginning with christa she looked really sad like she didnt want to continue but i really hope we gonna have some more season 1 moments where everything is just fine where she can smile again

      • That's far too optimistic. However I can see this new group piecing back the parts of her that she had lost while growing to her full and true potential. She may not be happy, but I can see with the title of the next episode 'A House Divided' that the group will soon be 'together' as they overcome the many trials to survive the harsh undead world with Clem at its helm.

        I think Clem is a leader. She's resourceful, daring and brave, understanding and caring, able to make decisions and deal with the consequences whatever, whenever they are. Clem is going to be a remarkable protagonist.

        I want to see how she will support Sarah. As I see things, Lee is to Clem as Clem will be to Sarah.

    • Well written.

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  • Well... Apocalypse, no room for innocense.

  • Season 1 Clem represented innocence: innocence that everyone wanted to protect... (Lee) and to take... (Stranger)

    Now that she is no longer protected she is beginning to lose her innocence.

    It's up to us if we accept that fact or continue to fight for her innocence.

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