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Can't run TWD Season 1

posted by BeamSea on - Viewed by 682 users

Hello, I purchased a copy of The Walking Dead Season One in Steam but I can't run the game.

I tried to verify game cache and manually install DX but it didn't help. I'm running it on WinXP SP3, my graphic card drivers are up to date. I play a lot of modern titles but I don't have any problems with running them. I also played Back to the Future and didn't have any issue.

When trying to run the game, I get the error - Could not initalize Direct to fix this? Please help.

  • same here. I played for like 30mins saved the game then went to relaunch the save and all that happens is a black screen appears with my cursor on it.

    • You know what the worst part is, I had many problems with the wolf among us too. These were definitely my last telltale games I'll ever buy. No matter how much I love borderlands its not worth the hassle.

  • Well, I browsed Steam forums for the same issues and seems like many people have it and didn't work it out.
    I contacted support, refreshing DX didn't help, hope they will give me some clue with my dxdiag

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