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How long would YOU survive?

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So.. You are sat at work/home/at a pub or something else and you suddenly find out on tv that the apocalypse is starting. What are your plans, and of course, how long do you think YOU would survive?

My plans; Keeping secret

How long I reckon I would last; Day 3 - Day 116

Not much longer than S1, really. I might be going abit far but what are you're thoughts on how long YOU will last?

  • I'd be too busy on my computer to even realize there was an apocalypse.

    • Such a terrible irony to be using something designed to make it effortless to communicate and yet I would probably look out my window one morning to find a street full of walkers and wonder how long they've been there.

      Hopefully this doesn't happen before I get laser eye surgery, because if it did, I wouldn't last long as a few fights would likely break my glasses, and then I'd be screwed. If it does, however, I think I'd do pretty well considering I have some military training and a good amount of literature on survival, much of which I've practiced over the years. It also helps that I'm in shape, so fending off the dead won't wear me out too quickly, and I can climb very well, so escapes won't be much of an issue as long as there's something to get over.

      Coinsidering the craziness that would ensue in the beginning, it'd be pretty useless to make definitive plans so I'd put more stock in learning how to deal with things immediately rather than assume certain things will happen and just sit back and wait. Of course, there are obvious things like food and water shortages, but where I live, it wouldn't be that bad of a place to survive for a while.

      Interestingly, the last time there was a crisis in the States, a lot of flights were diverted to where I'm from so that just might make a unique graveyard of planes and a hotbed of infection to begin with, but eventually I think once those walkers are culled, things would be manageable afterwards. It also helps to have a sword, according to the TV series.

  • IF I reach to survive the first weeks,then I'll probably be good for a while. I can survive by myself.

  • My plans would be to pack a bag full of stuff and try to contact my good friend, or my brother if he isn't available. I'd then just get on the move, staying out of danger. I'm fairly nimble and I'm good at problem solving, so the walkers probably wouldn't get me for a while. I think I'd die from a lack of food or water after about 3-4 weeks, to be honest.

  • I'd survive the entire ZA like a boss.

  • That is a question to debate. Many factors come into account, in situations like those. In wars there are people who are very well trained, but one moment of inattention and BAM they are dead, or the circumstances just align like that, and they just lose their life. On the other hand there were people who are trained very little and they survive through the whole war. So I cannot answer this question, except say: We shall see..

  • I wouldn't leave my house until I had to. I'm pretty good at keeping quiet so I doubt there'd be much attention from zombies. Looters is another story.

    Once I had to go out and forage for food, I'd probably be shit out of luck.

  • I would probably fare pretty well. First of all, I live out in the middle of nowhere. Secondly, I have a house full of guns and ammunition. Third, the land near my house is full of wildlife. Fourth, I have dogs. Fifth, I haven't much of a moral compass, so I assume that, come the apocalypse, I would have no qualms with taking advantage of the rare survivor I might come across.

    • You're rising up the list of creepy people on this forum.

      • Don't hate me because I'm rural :P

        Also, make sure not to mistake morals for emotions. That seems to be a pretty common error.

        Anyways, while I wouldn't currently kill someone just for the sake of survival, we all know what the apocalypse does to society. Right now I might be mildly sociopathic, but who is to say that I won't turn into Joel come the apocalypse? Or even David, for that matter (minus the pedophilia).

        ***I don't like this comment of mine by the way, I did not explain myself properly.

        • I'm rural too lol.

          I haven't made that mistake :p

          Who were Joel and David?

          "I would have no qualms with taking advantage of the rare survivor I might come across," basically you would kill (or at least steal from) other survivors for their stuff. A bandit. Bleh.

          • Yeah the rural thing is a joke that I basically used to explain the first 4 points.

            I know you didn't but I was just putting it out there.

            Joel and David ~ The Last Of Us. Assumed you would get the reference since we were talking about it yesterday.

            I am being realistic in saying that I probably would be a bandit in some capacity. Not the unrealistically evil sort that are shown in The Walking Dead, but a bandit nonetheless. I am not going to claim that I would be kind and gentle to everyone, nor would I expect kindness from anyone. It's a pessimistic point of view, but nothing I have seen from the zombie apocalypse in any medium would lead me to believe that kindness would get me anything but a bullet in the brain. Of course, I would much more readily steal from a survivor than shoot that same survivor.

            It's easy to take the moral high ground when not in the situation, but when you factor in the mental trauma that would ensue from something as catastrophic and permanent as a zombie apocalypse, it isn't so simple. Selfish traits are amplified, and all that makes up one's humanity eventually fades. That, or the person dies. People surviving something like 5 years into the apocalypse would be entirely fucked up, assuming they didn't do so in a safe haven. Just look at soldiers that come back from war. Now imagine they had spent 5+ years in a situation that was exponentially worse.

            • Oh, I didn't even catch the reference to one of my favorite games, I'm so dumb! lol

              Also I have no doubt if I lived that long I would be fucked up and have my flaws amplified as you said, only difference is I wouldn't be going into the entire situation thinking I'm going to be the bad guy.

              • Consider the Dunning-Kruger effect and you'll understand why Riadon thinks he's well prepared, like most of us probably do, too.

                What can happen in these scenarios is pretty abstract to us at the moment, so if anything we'd be more motivated to try and keep things as they were before the apocalypse occurred as opposed to adjusting to it temporarily. And as safe as a gun can make someone feel, it doesn't care whose side you're on, so being kind or opportunistic won't stop someone who only cares about what you have to take from doing just that the easy way.

                • I don't necessarily think that I am "well-prepared" in the sense that I consider myself to have a high chance of survival in this theoretical situation. There are several aspects of my life and personality that would translate positively in an apocalyptic situation, but I am not going to pretend that this secures my safety during the event. Removing the aspect of randomness, I think that I would have a better chance of survival in such a situation because all of my five bulletpoints listed in the original response support my survival.

                  In the end, something like 95% of the population is going to be dead within a few months. You could be the most prepared person in the world (within reason), and you might die on the first day. Or you could be a Ben and last until the end. It is all luck.

            • You have a good point, I wrote something explaining my response below. But yes, as Viva said it a lot better than I did, I somehow think it is worrying to go into the situation assuming I would become some kind of villain.

              I know it's only logical to believe that it is highly likely to be transformed by that situation, but yeah for some reason it hits my 'get mad' button. It just seems...bad? To me I guess? To go into a hypothetical assuming you would be a bad person.

              I don't know why, but there you go, you have my thought process. Now please, JUDGE IT! JUDGE MEEEEEE!

              But yeah TL:DR I see what you mean Riadon

            • You make a good point with how the zombie apocalypse could change a lot of people, but it wouldn't necessarily turn everyone into Nate from 400 days. Many people would probably have groups which they would trust, and as such they probably probably wouldn't be very mean. Though most people would probably become very untrusting, manipulative or both, at least.

        • Being 'Rural' doesn't give you an excuse to be a terrible person. Also, 'Take advantage of' can mean a lot of fucked up shit, so care to explain so I can decide how much I should hate you?

          But yeah also, 'A survivor' could mean anyone. What if you found Clem? Would you try to rob or kill an 10 year old girl in the apocalypse?

          • Your first two sentences are judgmental enough to discourage any sort of thought-out response from me. You also seem to misunderstand a lot of what I wrote. Read my latest reply to Viva, I already elaborated on what I said.

            Also, Clementine is 11.

            • What I wrote was a bit blunt and illogical, but I was mad when I wrote that, so you have my apologies.

              Alt text

              I thought she was almost 11. Anyway, on more thoughtful note, define what you mean by 'take advantage'. I assume you just mean rob them and then dump them somewhere in the woods to die.

              Explanation of why got mad:
              Maybe my morality is too idealistic, but I generally view someone as a bad person if they say they will choose banditry as a useful and reasonable method of surviving the apocalypse.

              Ill explain what I mean by that point a bit more (though you did write some more since then): the way you said it seemed a lot less like this:

              'My mind and morals would probably decay, and I would become a bandit-like person out of desperation or necessity for my own survival, robbing people so I can survive.'

              and seemed a lot more like 'In an apocalyptic situation I would choose banditry and rob people that need help because it is handy/easy, even if I am not low on supplies, just in case, to ensure my own survival (and fuck over everyone else)'

              It's what it seemed to me at the time when I read it, hence why I got mad, so there you go.

              • Instead of getting mad I probably just should have said:

                "It sounds like you are saying you would choose banditry out of convenience,
                rather than saying that you would be forced into it by necessity like some people are."

                There I will admit I am still somewhat implying something bad about you due to the question, but at least in this question you can answer it and we can have a discussion, and I'm not painting you to look like a total psychopath.

                Want to continue the debate as if I had said that instead?

              • Yeah I am just trying to be realistic rather than idealistic, especially given that I have trouble empathizing with people that I haven't acquainted myself with. However, for people I know and care about, I could definitely see myself falling even deeper into the bandit lifestyle because I basically assign a much higher value to them, despite the common belief that all lives are equal in value. If it benefits myself and the few people I care about (not necessarily blood family), I can justify it pretty easily.

                I don't lack morals in the sense that I can just kill someone for no reason and not feel a thing, I am just less moral than most people as a result of my empathy "problem". Most of my posts in this thread were badly worded. I would reword them if it wouldn't make the replies totally confusing. By take advantage, I basically meant steal, yeah. But as I said, this wouldn't be something I would likely do at the start of the apocalypse. Desperation and fear would cause a lot of people to do fucked up things, and I would no doubt be one of them. Those without the luxury of a stable group would have no real choice.

                I would probably be like a Kenny post-Katjaa/Duck that dabbled in banditry. This is assuming I never found a group.

                • I think you mean empathizing (feeling bits of other peoples feelings) instead of emphasizing (deliberately placing value in something, usually a word, EGThis is for EMPHASIS, BITCH!). But yeah on to my actual point.

                  In your first comment, it never occurred to me that it might have been the kind of joking, semi-serious self depreciating humor that gets around on this forum for some reason.

                  It seems I caught the dumb that day.

                  But to your point: Indeed.

                  Not to mention the group-minded sort of pressure can cause a lot of banditry type behavior; developing large amounts of empathy for people in your group, and very little for outsiders, is a habit of almost everyone, and is the main motivator of banditry; caring about yourself and your group, prioritizing over strangers. Everyone has been in school, for example, so they know how that example goes. Winston's style of banditry would be very common behavior in the late-game of the Kirkman apocalypse.

                  Good talk man, I'm glad you stopped my mad.

        • Just, if you can come the apocalypse, try not to go 'out of your way' to be a sociopath for storytelling purposes, LOL!

          Oh, and its worth mentioning, you can't survive as a human being alone for too long, humans always need company, your dogs would cut it but whos to say they themselves wouldn't die? if you got in such a situation of consistent loneliness your going to need another human being, so finding someone who isn't out to kill you and helping them wouldn't be such a bad idea.

          TBH the Euphoria effect of doing something good is very beneficial to your overall mood.

          And another thing to add in with a edit: If your home is as you give it credit for, you will definitely end up with a 'Roman' situation (400 days) where you either let someone join you, let them go, or kill them, i'd always consider letting them join me unless they are obviously part of a group, a example being, no bags, no supplies, just weapons, they obviously have a group in that case.

          Should they have supplies, bags, and were obviously trying to travel, its safe to assume they are alone and without a group, no ties and danger (Aside from them, themselves) to considering their stay.

          I don't think I could really kill anyone no matter what kind of situation I ever got in, unless it was literally to save someone else, but I attempt to be a moral extremist in everything I do, minus forcing my ways on others which i'm firmly against, but in a roman situation if it came to letting someone go, i'd hold them prisoner for atleast a week or two before doing so, (Assuming I had abundance of supplies) because usually in a week or two, no 'group' is going to still be in the area or a threat, and this kind of situation would seriously be the death of me.

          This may sound...hateful, but as a agnostic saying it, it shouldn't, depending on the religion of said people, that factors into their willingness to do harmful things, if a devout priest of any sort shows up to my group, i'm not going to be scared of him, and would definitely keep him around.

          • My comment on survival was exaggerated and reminiscent of the musings of the generic "zombie apocalypse" enthusiast.

            Also, I don't care about religion, and I really wouldn't care in the apocalypse. That said, you can be sure that I would claim to be devout if I thought it would cause others to feel less hesitant of trusting me. I, however, wouldn't be any more trusting of a religious person, especially considering that the vast majority don't even follow the teachings of their respective religion.

            • Well, another fault of mine is that i'm very accepting/trusting of religions and people, there ARE people who live by their religions day-to-day, I don't follow a 'Religion', but i'd trust a actual priest (If I Knew they were a priest for sure) especially if they had no weapons when they showed up, more than some random guy that randomly showed up to my place with a arsenal of weapons pushed into his bag claiming to be devout for mercy, I wouldn't trust you more if you said you were devout, i'd trust you more if you were a confirmed priest from my neighborhood or elsewhere, and it wouldn't affect my opinion if you were a priest of any religion, so long as you WERE a priest and I knew you were, people more bound to morals are more likely to stick by them, is all i'm saying really, although I wouldn't really put you under a priest in priority or anything, i'd just trust a priest more than some random guy.

              I'm not really saying anything about you, just talking about myself.

              My first post was just me cracking a joke with the first sentence then saying my opinions on surviving and theories on what would happen if I were in your situation.

              I don't know why I have this opinion, it might just be my moral extremity that I mentioned.

              I have a question for you though, would you Trust people who Trust you?

              I hate people who try to force their ways on others, that includes priests/other moral extremists/survivalists, just throwing that out there (Again)

  • I don't know to be honest, I think after a few days of killing zombies i'd go completely psycho and probably end up getting killed for some reason. I can't imagine staying sane is an option after killing a lot of undead people, however on the good side majority of my neighbors are old as hell so these bitch ass zombiez aint got a chance in hell.

    • Depending on your mindset, that wouldn't even phase you, if you KNEW the people it would be more of a problem, this is a cruel and pessimistic way to put it, if you had a dog since he was a puppy, it would hurt to see him die or go rabid, If you knew a Human before he was a Zombie, it would hurt to see it and have to kill it, however it won't hurt nearly as much to see a rabid wolf die as opposed to that dog of yours, would it? I don't think killing zombies would phase you that much depending on YOU, it'd more be a problem dealing with loneliness/loss of loved ones and coping with that.

      I'd like to see a zombie movie/story that is based around a neighborhood of older people and how they survive, that would be unique.

      Personally i'd be fucked if I were in a zombie apocalypse simply for my morals that I wouldn't abandon unless in very desperate and dangerous circumstances.

  • Probably not long, some dude in a jeep covered in barbed wire would probably mow me down in a couple of day. I don't really want to live in a zombie apocalypse.

  • Take car go to mums kill Phil sorry Phil grab liz go to the winchester and wait for this all to blow over or something similar to that

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