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Thoughts ?

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I personally love the Borderlands games they're packed with lots of action and crazy nonsense and the best part is that your in control of all of it. So although I'm not apposed to this idea I honestly don't feel it will be as fun as randomly murdering and pillaging as you so often do in the game though. On the other hand I am really looking forward to a very in depth story and get to know the characters I've come to know and love in this game. So all in all I don't see this being a big hit with the hardcore FPS fans but more with the fans of TTG games, to me though I see it as a great filler and introduction into the true FPS installment.

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    Blind Sniper Moderator

    I think it's a pretty odd choice (but not in a bad way) for Telltale to make a story out of the Borderlands series. I'm interested to see how they can expand the universe. I had played the game prior to the release of Poker Night 2 in order to get used to Borderlands humor and whatnot, but I never would've guessed Telltale would consider making a whole game out of the universe.

  • My first reaction was, Hugh?

    But then it turned into me having a very hard time understanding why nobody thought of this before!

    Lots brilliant material in Borderlands to enable TTG to make a hysterically fun game. I am certainly going to burst with excitement!

    Thumbs up from here, looking forward to it!

  • When is the expected release date for boderlands series? TTG has me hooked on these episodic game series. Wasn't a mad Boderlands fan but still cant wait this take on it.... : P

  • I don't see how you can turn an FPS into a point and click game, if someone can make it work, it would be revolutionary. But it's from Telltale so it'll be interesting to find out.

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    Butt-head BANNED

    Don't know much about the series but since it's crossover with "The Wolf Among Us" I'd rather like to play as Bigby. He kicked Gren's ass. I don't know who the other chick is. Yeah, Bigby is cool. He can be huge wolf, werewolf or wolverine.

  • Quick time events in gun games just getting selfish now lets make game of biggest titles and steal fanbase saying that love walking dead and wolf among us but making games based off rpg's never going work not hater love telltale and game of thrones is great choice but borderlands a gun game and should not be used

  • Telltale are known for their storytelling, mostly. To give Borderlands a good story, it has to be engaging and nonsensical at the same time, oh, and with ROFL moments.

  • I don't like this at all... I was extremely disappointed with borderlands 2, and hearing this made me die a bit inside :(

  • I'll save judgment for the first episode.

    Though the idea of adapting an intentionally over the top shoot-em-up into a game purely driven by narrative makes me wonder how they'll handle the tone.

  • I played all the Borderlands and I think,{It is another corner to look around}. I will be looking to see what you come up with

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