Pewdipie Got Early Access

Now what the hell is this? He got early access. We waited for 4 Months and we still waiting and that guy already uploaded goddamn video. How? How can he get an early access? What is Telltale's problem?



  • Yeah might be a game tester.. but game testers aren't allowed to be making videos and shit or leaking any information etc. etc.. so that is kinda messed up but all we can do is wait.

  • Oh well that's just bullshit.

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    just promoting the game ....i guess

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    something wrong with this forum I can´t post comments very well

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    What´s your problem, he just got it like cuople of hours before us! Pewdiepie gotta 22 million subscribers so is that miracle if he gets it before us? And the cliffhanger end of his video is pretty intresting, so people want to buy the game to see what happens.

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    That's pretty messed up. I'm a huge fan of Pewds, but this is just a little annoying. We've been waiting just as long as he has and unless he's been helping Telltale by funding them or whatever, I don't see why he should get it any earlier than we should. Please treat us all the same, since we all pay and wait the same.

    EDIT: Looking back on it, I don't think it was a very big deal. I feel like a big baby. It's just that I was SO excited and had been waiting for SO LONG to play this next episode that having someone else get to play it before me, even if it were just a few hours, felt like shit! But I understand that Pewds is a pretty great source of advertising.

  • It's not unheard of that some youtubers get early access to a game. However, i don't think they are allowed to post videos about it until the game is officially released. But i agree, it does piss me off as well. Especially since i hate this guy's guts.

  • Don't understand why this is a big deal. Many people get copies before the public such as reviews sites. I'm not even a fan of Pewdipie. But the fact is he has a huge following and it's great advertising. So what he received the game a few days before public, it shouldn't be a reason to be mad at TellTale, this is a business, they need to make money.

    I am actually happy to see this, it means TellTale is a fan of the LetsPlay community and knows it great advertising. You hear of companies filing copyright strikes against people who are advertising their game and it's stupid. At least TellTale is supporting that community.

  • It's all good.... The game is up, have fun playing!

  • The fact is he has 21,000,000 subscribers. giving him a copy is advertising in itself

  • Promoting a game that is coming out the same day isn't really plausible.
    Side note: Love your avatar, Samara/Morinth is awesome.

  • A lot of people know of The Wolf Among Us from Pewdiepie. The fact that they gave him a copy of the game few hours before the release isn't a big deal. It's been done before. The guy has 21 Million subscribers , it's probably the best way to advertise your game without paying any money.

  • Is it bad that I'm one of those people who bought "The Wolf Among Us" because Pewdiepie played it?

  • So did I , but don't tell anyone ... Shh!

  • Well, I personally don't think so. It's a great universe and from what I've seen so far the game does it justice. Who cares how you were introduced to it?

  • He's a great advertiser but a trash commentator...

  • to complete and utter moronic fans...

  • 21,000,000 people who don't know what good entertainment is...

  • Well, just look at how successful his past TT game videos have been. It's great publicity, I guess. Makes sense that he'd get special treatment.

    Like it or not, that guy is kind of a big deal.

  • I don't care about this pewdipie fellow. I just want the gap in episodes to be reasonable enough, if someone else attains the episode a few days early, I couldn't really care less.

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    Ever thought that he already downloaded the Ep? if u looked at his Twit he waited for the store to update and when i saw he got the Vid i made some finding and saw few of my friends at my Steam play this aswell. Some got this abit earlier depend on the Steam/Telltale update.

    RadBrad did the same BTW he upload it before. but again if they got it early access its just an few hours ahead thats not alot and not important.

  • Yeah, except for the fact the other channels like YOGSCAST Hannah also had to wait, which is odd considering that The Walking Dead is her most popular series.

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    The problem with this is that they didn't give it to other youtubers. YOGSCAST Hannah pointed out in her first video of Episode 2 that The Walking Dead is probably her most popular series, but Pewdiepie was the one who got early access. It was kind of shitty on Telltale's part.

  • This cretin got early access ? I'm going to hate him even more than before.

  • He didn't.I know for sure,because i stalked YouTube for the episode and he was not the first to upload a gameplay.And,by the time he did,i already had the episode myself.

  • I have very little respect for Pewdiepie just based on the fact of how annoying he is. He makes videos for little kids who enjoy that ish but i don't. TheRadBrad is a better option for me if i don't have games but i still wanna see gameplays and walkthroughs. I suggest you check him channel out. He is a funny guy while playing and doesn't bring all that over-the-top extra stuff.

  • Nope, he shared video before we get the episode. I mean, like 40 minutes before we download it from steam.

  • He got early access because they understand the importance of lets players and their ways to contribute to advertising. This way the advertising is cheap and they get twice if not thrice the publicity they normally get.

    Not a big deal, really.

  • I'm sure PewDiePie's keen intellect and razor sharp critique will greatly help the shape of the season here onwards. Either that or he'll scream,make weird noises and talk bull. One of the two.

  • I'm going to put my money on the second option.

  • I oppose to that saying it is a big deal. It really shows how little Telltale now care about their customers. For having a game that has people waiting for over 4 Months then to give it early to some guy with a mic and the ability to scream down at said mic early acces. And saying that the release of the video was about 2 hours before the actual release so really there is no gain to that advertisement.

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    If they were going to give early access to anyone they should've given it to a popular person who actually respects the game rather than someone who shits over it and has an ugly personality. AND a god awful fanbase.

  • You guys seem to overlook the fact that pewdiepie has 22 million subscribers, and I believe he is currently most subscribed on all of YouTube. He had already played twd and tawau without telltale asking, so it was perfect free publicity for them. Also, he leaves a link in every telltale game video to telltale games, so all the better for them. Even if most of the forum goers hate him, 22 million people don't, and telltale is going to capitalize on that. Also I'm not entirely sure he got it early. And for goodness sakes, add an e after pewdi

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    He posted the video 2 hours before the actual release?

    Alt text

    There is a complete gain in advertising; Not everyone is as informed as we are to TWAU, and when Pewdiepie plays it, people who haven't heard of it will see Pewdie playing it and think "Wow, Pewdie is playing this. Curious. Wow, this game looks interesting, maybe I should buy it!"

    Advertising doesn't stop as soon as the game is released: most ads go on months after it's initial release. This is no different: only difference is that the advertising is permanent and (to some) entertaining. You are taking it to a personal level, which is your mistake: Pewdiepie is only a business option, nothing more.

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