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French dubbing

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Most video games dubing for France are very poorly dubbed, so that we have to look for home-made patch or buy the UK version to be able to enjoy the original english-spoken game... providing of course that you can understand english, which isn't the case of everyone here.

One of the few exception of really good dubbed game was Sam & Max hit the road, lucas arts did the job so well, the game really is enjoyable. Could you guys make sure that the game is either dubbed by a specialised video-game dubbing company such as " la marque rose" or not dubbed at all ? (english voice, french subtitle), a poor dubbing, which is industry standard, is fun as long as you just want a good laugh in a "plan 9 from outer space" style, but really spoil the game experience.

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  • I think they're making the Bone games English voice and "foreign" subtitle only, so that's probably how the Sam & Max episodes will be whenever they get around to localizing it to other languages. It's easier and less expensive than dubbing new voices in other languages for every episode.
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    Pfew, I'm relieved.

    I agree it's cheaper and in most case better, but they tend to dub most games around here, thinking than subtitled games won't attract as much people.

    Most of the time, it just turn the product into a useless unusable piece of nothing no one do enjoy.

    I was fearing than because of the larger audience of Sam & Max compared to their actual games they would be tempted to do that. Please telltales, don't ! Or work with pro.
  • If they do decide to dub new voices, maybe you'll at least be able to turn your subtitles on and the voiceover volume all the way down so you can still enjoy everything else (music, sound effects, ambient sound, etc.)
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    Emily Telltale Alumni
    Artwking4 is right, the Out from Boneville localization that will be released soon is spoken in English, with French / Spanish / German subtitles.

    This is an interesting conversation, though, because I've heard other people say they don't like to play a translated game *unless* it's dubbed. Guess it's just a matter of personal preference...
  • Personally, I prefer dubbing, but if it's the difference between having to play with subtitles or not getting to play the game at all, I'll gladly take subtitles.

    As for the quality of dubbing, well, I've played enough games with bad voiceovers to not be too bothered by them. It depends on the game, I guess, and what my expectations are. If I don't expect much, I'm usually not disappointed.
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