• It CANT BE Crane? We have 3 more episodes?

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    Jennifer Moderator

    Crane isn't necessarily the killer (he most likely isn't, since it's too early in the season for the mystery to wrap up, plus it seemed like he genuinely thought Snow White had died). At this point all we know is that he was just the one who bought the black market glamour to make a Snow clone.

    • Yeah, the only thing we know for sure is that Crane is guilty of being a creep and a stalker. We don't know if he is the killer.

    • Well I think he might be the killer, When you were investigating the body They asked who she could be seeing and he answered : " A troll most likely" with that "Im lying" face. Also the bottle of wine in the room 207 is the exact same one which appeared in Episode 1.Snow was supposed to buy it for crane. How amusing.

      And we didn't get to see how was bigby holding Crane over the witching well as it was in preview for Episode 2 , so I guess they had to rewrite a lot of the story.

  • It's too soon for the killer to be revealed. I'm thinking that Crane is just another red herring like Woody. He's a pervert, but I doubt that he's actually the killer.

  • It won't be him, why should he have that photo there, so anybody could find it? This a setup from Bluebeard, so he can take over.

    • No, Crane is creep, that was established in the comics and he was kicked out of Fabletown. We don't know if he was the killer, but he is in fact a creep and a stalker. Him having an unhealthy obsession with Snow is also well established.

      The reason he left the photo was because he was the only one with the key to the room.

  • I guess this explains his "massages"... I did not see that coming. I mean I suspected it, but not in the way we're talking about here.

  • Now we all know that Crane is not the murderer. Which murder would let photos of himself at the murders place. I think someone want to get rid of Crane to get his position, maybe bluebeard...

    • Someone who smokes Huff and Puffs. Remember Beauty saying she thought Bigby was the only one smoking that brand? Maybe someone is trying to completely discredit "Fable police" by fake-glamouring as Crane, Snow and Bigby....

    • It's not Bluebeard, if it was, he wouldn't be around during Fables. No one glamoured up as Crane, he has always been a creep. He probably isn't the killer, but he is a creepy stalker.

  • I wonder if someone used a black market glamour to frame Crane (in photo).

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      Antero BANNED

      He wouldn't have gotten mad and smashed the mirror then.

      • He's just trying to protect himself from the inevitable shit-storm going his way.

        • He will undoubtedly do that but he was definitely angry at being found out, rather than simply shitting himself. I'm pretty sure that he did buy Lily's services but the photo must have been planted. I suspect Bluebeard did the planting, hence the power trip in the chair.

          So Bluebeard could easily have arranged Lily's killing in order to frame Crane but we haven't seen a motive for bumping off Faith yet. I suspect the Lily killing is copycat, so the original killer is still to be found.

          • Crane has always had an unhealthy obsession with Snow, so it is unlikely that anyone was disguised as Crane or planted anything. He is a creep. He's probably not the murderer, but he is a stalker, the photos are his.

            I also doubt it's Bluebeard. After all, this is a prequel and Bluebeard still lives in Fabletown at the start of the series. The one that isn't around is Crane, who was kicked out of Fabletown.

            Bluebeard is a dick, but he's not the killer and he didn't frame Crane.

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