• Good job, doing Gods work, NotJustin

  • Nononono, you've got it all wrong! :D Just kidding, it's a good theory. It makes sense, is elaborate and it might very well be.

    However ... according to TJ the person getting rid of the Troll's body was complaining about somebody laughing at him (not TJ), although nobody was laughing. This suggests some mentally unstable person. Therefore I would like to present my theory:

    1. The crooked man is obviously taking advantage of the poor fables. He did even give a loan to Beauty, as we discovered. He is probably the boss of Dum and Dee as well. However, I suspect that he's not the murderer. What does he have to do with snow? No, he's after money, power and maybe revenge on Bigby. He's just another criminal
    2. Bigby said something negative about dwarves in Episode one. This might be a hint that dwarves are bad (hehe).
    3. The murderer seems to have a connection to snow. Charming seems to be some other important character in the comics and probably isn't the killer. About the huntsman and the witch I don't know. But what about the 7 dwarves?
    4. What if the 7 dwarves was actually 1 dwarf with 7 different personalities? This would fit with the "don't laugh at me" part.
    5. I dare say that this dwarf took the identity of crane to get close to snow. He's a stalker and he switched place after episode 1, I suppose.

    Yes, yes it's stupid :P But I think the crooked man is just a red herring.

    • the dwarves were killed by Snow when she was still married to prince charming, long before the adversary showed up and wars broke out.

      • She killed the ones who had mistreated her, though - right? What if they had a surviving relative who decided to take revenge on the woman who slaughtered his kin?

      • But in the "book of fables" under Bigby's Mercy it says bigby rescued snow from dwarves who kept her prisoner, it also said this happened in "days leading up the the exodus"......if I'm not mistaken.

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      The killer is... Hans who made the princess laugh.
  • The crooked man and the boy who cried wolf are probably NOT the same person as the Crooked man is from another Nursery Rhyme all together. However, the "boy who cried wolf" Character that you have shown above does seems to always be around therefore, he probably does have some sort of involvement since every character they have shown thus far even in passing has somehow been involved in one way or another.

  • Maybe The boy who cried wolf and The croocked man are related.I think The boy who cried wolf is The croocked's man's informer or spy.That's why The boy who cried wolf is always there.He may not be the killer but he works for the killer/the killer's boss.The croocked man is the boss.He profits of the poor or money-needing fables yo achieve his goal/s.I think The boy who cried wolf wotks for The croocked man to achieve his revenge on Bigby.

  • Just to throw this out there, there's a character in the Babes in Toyland story called Barnaby Crookedman, also just called The Crooked Man, or a crooked man.

    Source: http://disney.wikia.com/wiki/Barnaby_(Babes_in_Toyland)

  • the Crooked Man seems to be someone with a lot of money - or at least in a better financial position than most. Also, he would have to be paying the Tweedles to pursue Beauty. It just doesn't seem right that the Crooked Man is a taxi driver by occupation, unless if he's doing this for a specific reason (informing maybe?). But, the tie does have crooks on, which must have been put there for a reason. And, given the amount of attention he got in Episode 1 and the lack thereof in Episode 2, I think he must play some further part in the story, whether as a suspect or something else.

    • Well, in the Fables comics, the character of Cinderella owns a shoe shop (the glass slippers) to secretly cover the fact that she's a secret spy, which is the shop in the background you see when Bigby starts walking to the murder scene at the end of episode 1 so I dunno ;D

  • Some hackers got their hands on the model for the crooked man and it's entirely new.

  • I feel like the crooked man is like a crime boss

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