• I think the story lost a lot of its drama... I mean I love Snow and it made me rly angry and sad that she was dead. But gamewise... that was a good thing. I feel that her "revival" rly lost a lot of emotional value for the series. It also lacked compensation for that. There is no thrill for me to rly continue atm when they try to tell me that crane is the murderer. Even if he turns out not to be... it lost its edge for the moment...

    • Really? Two women murdered already and Snow possibly being the next target isn't enough motivation? She actually has to die?

      For one thing, a lot of us pointed out right away that Snow was likely not really dead since they've said this game is supposed to fit in with the continuity in the comics. Besides, the brooding male anti-hero out to avenge the death of a female love interest? Done. To. Death. Frankly, I was surprised there weren't more people shouting about "women in refrigerators" and decrying Telltale as chauvinists after the last episode.

      Personally, I thought the way they handled it was great. Having Snow walk in right in the middle of Bigby interrogating his suspect to find out who killed Snow is, IMO, way more interesting. And Snow is too good of a character to have her just show up in the first episode so she can die and provide motivation for Bigby. I'd much rather see her as a character we can interact with throughout the series. And you can't even say that Telltale wasn't being fair with the audience by pulling a deus ex machina or some such similar cop-out to get out of dealing with Snow's death because no one ever said that Snow was dead. It was simply misdirection. Which seems perfectly fitting for a noir mystery story.

      Plus, Snow being alive raises a lot more interesting questions. Like why was the latest victim made up to look like Snow? How is Crane's obsession with Snow connected to the murders?

    • Except she was never going to die, especially when you remember that this is a prequel to the Fables series. And they certainly have not lost any drama, there are still two dead fambles.

  • Yeah, I can see Crane being the Tweedles' employer. If Faith took Lily's shift unexpectedly, that's likely what got her involved.

    Crane is a pervert and is definitely guilty of the Snow White RP and probably the stalking. However, I think that's just a sidetrack to the killer's goals. Maybe Crane is the target, but it seems too early in the game for that to be revealed. I still think Bigby is the ultimate target of the killer.

  • There weren't a lot of options this episode. Almost whatever dialogue option you picked the response seemed the same every time. Not thrilled about that. Good episode, but not great.

    • felt the same to me... like a filler episode... not bad but not that good either... expected much more after that long wait

    • I agree. Obviously TellTale made a lot of edits to the storyline during the big delay, and some of the scenes that appeared at the original preview for episode 2 now appear at the preview for the next installment. Overall it was a short episode with limited choices, but it was very informative and I bet the next one will be great. Wouldn't mind a little action again..

  • What about that little wooden magic thing that Crane said they shouldnt open? It contained Snow's hair and half her picture with Rose. Why would he take it with him why would he want some of the evidence on him? Bigby had already looked at it and Crane saw what was in it so why does he need to take it with him? I also recall Snow saying "someone must have taken thiss picture from my apartment" but who took it?

    • Yeah, I too thought that the wooden container might be the item Faith stole. Still, I reckon it's too early to speculate over that.
      I've also been thinking maybe the purple ribbons somehow behead the girls from P&P if they speak against the rules. I actually have a strong feeling about this. The theory does beg the question of how Faith managed to swallow her ribbon and signet-ring after being beheaded, but maybe one of the other girls left it for Bigby as a clue? The Little Mermaid was helpful enough at the club..

    • That one container that Crane took in the episode 3 preview wasn't the same one taken off of lily. Bigby had the Lily one because if you remember back at the pudding and pie Bigby could show it to Georgie.

      My guess is that it is a different container that Crane is going to use to Glamour
      as someone else so he can return to the woodlands undetected.

  • I've played 2 different save files, which I caught Tweedledum and Woodsman in different save files. If you are interrogating Woodsman, he will share with you Lily is his long time customer, and that night when Faith shows up, he is mad. This shows that Faith is covering Lily for Woodsman but not Crane.

    Also, I think the photo of Crane and Snow White is taken by someone else. The stalker might take it during his stalking, and who knows, maybe he feels angry after seeing Snow and Crane sleep together and decided to kill her. I think the photos is left there for someone to find.

    As for "these lips are sealed", it might be some kind of enchantment which makes the girls unable to speak about their job, whenever they want to mention something about their job, they'll end up saying "these lips are sealed". In the comics, Weyland was put under such enchantment when he was imprisoned. Also in the game, Little Mermaid actually spilled out "these... lips...", I think it shows her trying very hard to talk about the truth but unable to speak them out.

    • Yeah, I'm pretty sure the ribbon also beheads them if they somehow break the rules or talk. Bigby did say that whatever severed Faith's head may have been magic.
      I just replayed the first episode and caught the woodsman like you suggested. So Faith covered for Lily at Woody's while she was meeting with Crane. Lily left her the thank you note after meeting Crane at the Open Arms. They acted out the whole Snow White RP thing in room 207. She wore the dress from the book and their picture was taken (maybe she took the picture without him knowing?). Crane left. Lily was unharmed at the time but the dress was torn in whatever game they were playing (untying a bodice looks like a pain in the ass).
      Later, Lily suspiciously changed into cloths resembling those of Snow. The question is, why was she trying to pass for the real life Snow White?
      Also, in her note she promised to meet Faith at the apartment. What apartment?
      Gren was at the Woodlands to report Lily missing the day after Faith turned up dead. Lily was killed in room 207. Where Faith was killed remains unknown.

  • I don't think Crane's being framed. There was NO Photoshop back in the 80's.

    • Someone could have taken the photos without him knowing and then put them under the bed. I mean its easy to telk that they were planted on purpose. Someone else is framing him and since it looks soooo bad for Crane the actual killer knows that Crane will be hunted. Its Crane who has this weird obsession with Snow and we know hes been gettin "massages" but we know most probably he wouldnt kill Snow. He seemed quite upset about her death. I think Bluebeard is the one who is getting Crane framed. Bluebeard is rich and money is power.

      For example Snow said "someone must have stolen this picture". Bluebeard is rich, he can just pay someone to have a copy of Snow's key made. He wants control of Fabletown. I wouldnt be surprised if he hired the Red head guy to follow Bigby around. To see Bigby screw up (because we know Bigby has a hot temper) and to see how Bigby would handle the case. Bluebeard could have also joined in on the interragation of Dee/Woodsman just so he could encourage Bigby to use force. Bluebeard could use this against Bigby to get him fired. When that happens and Bigby looks like the bane of Fabletown, Bluebeard can easily do whatever he wants. He'll have money and power over the fables.

      Now I could be totally wrong about all this but even if Bluebeard looks to obvious, maybe Telltale wants us to think hes to obvious. Sometimes thebanswer is right under your nose but you dont bother to look there because its just feels like it would be too easy. Thats just what I think.

    • He could of finished his... business and left before the killer came in.

  • I already wrote this in another thread. I don´t think the ribbons behead the person wearing it. But I don´t really know anything about the fables world, so what do I know lol...
    What I have been thinking about is - what if those ribbons are just for fable hookers?

  • Concerning Crane,I think that it is not the real one and that someone is using glamour to look like him and incriminate him.However remember in episode one when we first enter Crane's office,he mentions that he has an appointment with someone for a "massage" and he asks Snow where is the bottle of wine he wanted.In room 207,we do find a bottle of wine on the desk.Maybe he did meet Lily but he didn't kill her.In the comics Crane did have feelings for Snow and even assaulted her but he isn't a criminal.When we see him looking in the mirror at the end of the episode,he didn't seem angry or worried to me that Bigby had found the pictures.Maybe it is a conspiracy against all those who run Fabletown.Or what if the killer is trying to make Bigby think that it's all about Snow just to prevent him from discovering something else ?

    • Some good theories. Regarding the third, Crane could be ridiculed for sleeping with a troll. Still, I feel like he isn't the killer. Your first theory is close to mine.
      Here is my latest theory:
      Crane provided the hair and picture for the glamour, the book, the dress and the perfume. He hired Lily’s services to act out his fantasy. [Judging from his response when Lily’s identity is uncovered, I doubt that he would knowingly have sex with her. She was likely picked by a third party, or Crane alternatively only saw her glamoured self]. Her meeting with Crane was pictured without him knowing, most likely for blackmailing purposes. -Faith and Lily, like the other girls at the Pudding & Pie, were magically (and literally) forced into a bond of silence by their employer regarding his identity and the identity of their costumers. The enchantment was most likely cast on the purple ribbons worn around their necks. The employer also held the power to behead them though the magic ribbons [which makes him the murderer]. -Faith and Lily were close and may even have lived together. Under interrogation Tweedeldee claimed that she was of somewhat questionable morality and had stolen an item of value from his employer, the ‘Crooked Man’ (the name of the next episode, ‘The Crooked Mile,’ is also from the same nursery rhyme). If Crane was indeed the employer of the Tweedels the pieces could fall nicely into place: Lily stole something from Crane at the Woodlands, disguised as the real Snow White. And Faith was in on it. Lily had taken the picture of Crane in room 207 in case they have to blackmail him. -The employer learns of the breach of contract and kills them. Maybe he is informed of Faith’s intention to meet at Bigby’s apartment? Lily was killed in room 207 [this strengthens the assumption that her killer ran the P&P and the hotel]. -The placing of the heads at the entrance to the Woodlands was clearly a message. I doubt the murderer himself delivered the heads, being as sophisticated as he probably is. Instead, one of his employees sets up the scene. The ribbon and signet-ring are left as a clue by someone who sympathizes with Faith, perhaps one of the girls at the P&P (or as a plea for help considering their plight). But who was the message for?

  • I'm rather curious about who else smokes Bigby's terrible cigarettes.

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