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Something noone seems to have noticed ..

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Ok this might become a long post but w/e .. First of all everyone keeps talking about the shocking end of EP 2 and if it was the real Crane or not .. I think before you should start a conversation about if it was the real one or not should be why did they change everything that the Preview Trailer of EP. 2 contained ?? The episode came really late aswell .. The story was kinda rewritten the past few weeks and this would explain why EP 2 came so late .. In the Preview Trailer of EP. 2 you can clearly see that the "wolf guy" at the end has the same nose as Crane .. and hes fur is black .. this wasn't even in EP. 2 at all .. and they just moved this scene to EP. 3 but not just that .. ! They changed the whole model of this "Wolf" , I bet my ass that it really was Crane or someone else at the start but they changed it now cause they changed the story .. 2nd the scene with Beast from the Preview trailer changed .. There was a scene that was showing Bibgy about to throw Crane down the stone thing .. gone too .. The whole club scenes have been changed aswell .. There was a girl in the preview trailer that looked like Hollys sister siting near some stairs in the Club .. gone aswell .. I'm not sure where this is going but they seem to not know what to do with the story themselfs either .. This might explain why EP 2 lacked action and choises option ..

Ps. There are many more strange things to talk about .. like the red haired ginger guy that was all over EP 1 and seems to have vanished or that he seems to be of no interest suddenly but w/e

  • They have done this for quite a while. I also notice that if you saved Prince Lawrence in EP 1 you were supposed to meet him again in EP2 when after finding the rest of Hope's body in the preview given in episode 1 for episode 2. However, this scene was removed.

    Well I am not surprised they changed a lot of things since they have even done this for the Walking Dead Season 1 with episode previews it provided as well.

  • soething no one noticed...wheres lawrence!!

  • I get the feeling that they had to redo this episode several times. Normally only a few scenes are missing from previews or altered. In this one I think 95% of all scenes in the preview were changed, the scene were Bigby turns wolf seems to have been moved to the next episode and Lawrence seems to have been removed from the episode.

    It feels like this episode was a clusterfuck in production, I wonder what happened.

  • Yeah,i noticed as well.And the fight with Beast was supposed to be outside,and "blah blah blah"(quote-Bigby 2013).And where the angling fuck was Lawrence?And so on...i guess there were just so many things on their heads and they decided to change the story,and...I just think it's a bit weird,but it's okay.I really loved the episode and thought it was amazing.But...It's just weird how the scenes from the preview for episode 2 got pushe in the one for episode 3 and how they changed some.But,as i said,it's okay.I trust TellTale.Whatever they'll do,i'm sure it will be great. OUO

  • It is completely normal for previews to be somewhat different than the actual episode and this has been the case with every telltale game that had previews. From what I heard this is done to avoid spoiling it while at the same time giving you a general idea of what the episode will about.
    I still think that there is a good chance that something went wrong with this episode though and that alot of it was redone.
    But the part with for example the fight with beast taking place outside can be completely explained by what I said above.

  • I really don't mind because the content I received was equal to the value I paid. I'm very happy to see the direction the series is taking and now I really don't know what to expect.

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