Nudity really needed?

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I like adult scene in games and movies, but I strongly suspect the nudity was big part of 4 months of delay....(or not? somebody plz tell me why 4 months?)

and the scene was kinda pointless.. Yeah she is pretty but did we really need to see her body?
if this game is going into real 'adult' something, I'd love to see actual romantic scene of main characters, not the strip show of extra character.



  • Yeah, I originally defended the idea of nudity as your going to be talking to strippers, but you didn't really have much dialog with the one you did talk to, and she wasn't even nude at the time. They easily could have had her poke her head out at the same time she would normally leave the set and have exactly the same scene, but without the nudity. Especially if this contributed to the delay I would have liked this to be taken out.

  • Well they are going to make Game of thrones which includes sex and nudity i think they need to start from somewhere.

  • This isn't exactly a novel observation, but I never get over how freaking weird it is that showing a woman's severed head is considered less "adult" than showing her breasts.

  • This.
    What's up with US way of thinking...

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    In this case that isn't the point, its just that the nudity was gracious, which many other tv shows and games get flamed for. I honestly think it was a silly move on telltales part to include them just for the sake of them, especially if the theories about part of the delay being caused by it are true. I think it is funny how violence is much more acceptable than nudity though, its just that in this particular instance the violence makes sense while the nudity was just sort of...there.

  • Meh, it makes sense in the scene. Not that big of a problem with me.

  • There was nudity in a strip club?!

    I'm shocked.

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    I guess I'll reiterate my other points lol. Everything in a story like this should have a point. The violence for example, has a point. It is used to show conflict between characters, to heighten tension, build suspects and actual get the storyline going. The nudity was used for.....ummm...hmmm...I think you get the point lol. I have no trouble with seeing nudity, but I prefer it to have a reason, exactly the same reason why I dislike several of the action scenes in TWAU, such as the grendal fight in the bar, it didn't really add much to the plot. Its not like I'm rallying against nudity in general, I just think it should serve a purpose. As soon as it stops serving a purpose, you can easily add other stuff in. I remember people asking for romance between Carly and Lee in the walking dead. Although quite possible within the walking dead universe, it wouldn't serve much of a point other than maybe to make the scene where she a dies a little sadder, but even then that scene is more for the shock, so I don't know how well it would work. None the less, I think I've gotten my point across, I need to stop typing lol :D.

    Also(to anyone), if you want to thumb this comment down feel free too, but please post a response, I like discussions, not needless downvoting ok? :)

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    "Also(to anyone), if you want to thumb this comment down feel free too, but please post a response, I like discussions, not needless downvoting ok? :)"

    I don't agree with you but thumbed up just for this :D

    It's a strip club. They're prostitutes. It would have been weirder to see them fully dressed.
    Also, I may have less taboos than most people, but I don't find a human body "offensive" or "schocking" in any way, and I don't understand the need to censor a pair of breast - we all know how they look, every woman has them, including our mothers - over a severed head or a torn arm.

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    It is a strip club. In a strip club I think breasts kind of go with the surroundings.
    You could as well ask yourself if that scene with Beast made any sense. Or the one with Bluebeard.
    "Lets add some mandatory fights..."
    You say the violence has a point because it shows conflict.
    Think of who the little mermaid is in the original tale. Every step she takes hurts her like walking on glass.
    To make her a pole dancer shows another aspect of this whole story and one that they emphasize more in the Game than even in the comic series.
    Loss. Loss of basically everything. Just like with Faith, but literally taken "one step further".
    I actually like it because it was down-tuned in the Fables series. The focus almost always was on the Fables living in the Westwood. The side characters mostly appeared as protesters on the street.

    Also, no. I prefer a pair of breasts to cheesy Hollywood-style love scenes.

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    OMG! Nudity in a STRIP CLUB?

    Alt text

  • I was a little surprised that the game featured nudity, but I think it fit the scene well so I don't have any problems with it.

    Besides the fact that a strip club is the obvious place for nudity, the nudity fit in with the gritty tone set in Episode 1 - plus it made the stripper seem more vulnerable, and thus made Georgie appear to be even more of a monster than he already is.

  • Lol, thanks :).

    Seeing them fully dressed would have been rather amusing, agree with you there. Censoring also would have been pointless for the reasons you provided, if they're there then just show them, we know what they look like anyway. However, I just don't see why it was needed. It's not really that big a deal or anything, I just wish they would have used their ability to show nude characters by having it be important, not just show us an animated strip sequence(which is all the nudity is used for). They could have easily just have the character peek their head out of the doorway they leave through, and have the same dialog at the end lol.

    An actual case against the nudity is this:
    Lots of people theorize about the delay being because of the nudity, if this is the case then it was definitely pointless putting it in there. It also is a rather awkward moment for most people. I know I have no trouble playing this game with other people I know as we all understand that nudity is fine, but for the majority of people it can put them off a game, especially when its just gracious. I don't see why TellTale would alienate those people just for the sake of some nudity that doesn't add to the plot or story one bit.

    In the end I guess it doesn't matter, but too lots of people it does, and TellTale definitely will loose some sales and fans because of this.

  • Breasts are truly more outrageous and uncivilized than severed heads, it seems

    Anyways... We even get to see Bigby naked in the comics, sooo... It's really nothing new.

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    Hmm, that's an interesting reason as to why they had the nudity. This would have been interesting to develop further I think, go a bit deeper into the character as we don't know much about her(Maybe she could play a part in later episodes, would like to see snow help her get a proper job or something before the end, would show the beginning of change). In all honesty I didn't think Georgie too bad, maybe I chose the wrong dialog options, but he seems like every business man I meet lol :D. Just kidding, but I can see where hes coming from, and the people turning to him should probably look elsewhere, then again there isn't really anywhere else so I don't really know lol :D. Rethinking it, I guess he is a bit of an asshole, I wish that was developed further though for more cynical minds like mine :/. It reminds me of the episode in South Park where Butters becomes a Pimp, but treats them really nice and steals everyone elses girls lol.

  • I think people who have problems with partial nudity should either:
    Stop lying about their age and put the mouse back into the house. Play games appropriate to their age group.
    Or just start to think if games that depict you actually performing headshots and beheadings aren't ultimately more revolting.

    I play both kinds of games. I found the scene very fitting because the nudity made her look even more uncomfortable.
    Look at some of the late 90ies French detective adventure games. There was lots of nudity there and it didn't alienate their customers. It was part of the stories.

    Or is this really some US thing? ;) I think in the EU we can live with breasts. All I thought was: "Nicely done..." - because I'm male and I like breasts - then took in her whole composure and saw the point they were making.

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    Its definitely not a US thing btw, I'm Australian :). I wish people would grow up about nudity though, then there wouldn't need to be these threads lol. I have come to understand at least one reason why the nudity was done, so I guess it should be fine. Hopefully this answers the OPs question, that it was to make her look more uncomfortable and vulnerable.

    All I thought was: "Nicely done..." - because I'm male and I like breasts - then took in her whole composure and saw the point they were making.

    Hehe...8), but I see your point, and am beginning to agree with some of the arguments presented. This is probably one of the most rational arguments on here lol, thanks :)

  • I want strip show and titties. If you need romantic bullcrap watch sparkling vampires. Leave nudity alone.

  • So according to you the violence has a point, but the nudity doesn't? I propose that what little nudity there was served just as much purpose for establishing Georgie's character and setting the tone of the location as a seedy strip club.

    The exploitation of Nerissa was more repellant with the nudity than without. She is allowed no protection or modesty on the stage and is directly exposed to ridicule and abuse. It's not meant to be titillating.

  • Axes in people's heads, tearing off people's arms, shoving up fingers into people's eye sockets, decapitated heads...
    But nudity? Is that really necessary?

  • You make it sound like hentai is broadcast on tv along side sesame street or sold by some street vendor to anyone who wants it... that isn't the case.

  • I dont think everything needs to have a point. Some things just ARE, like nudity in a strip club. Its setting the scene.

  • With all due respect to my Australian friend, you guys have the weirdest censor rules/laws and .
    Though seriously, it is as mentioned a strip club, Georgie is insulting her for not being good enough, which lets be honest builds up the tension for the follow up conversation, so in your terms it is then okay.

  • Why do you think the 4 month delay is because of the nudity? Do you really think it's that hard to make 2 moving tits?

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    well, panties aren't porn.

    but then again...people over there are sniffing these to get turned on.

    which, on the other hand, might be a side effect of their strange views about the suppression of one's own sexual desires. Anyone will agree that Japan is going too far when it's censoring its own porn. Heck, if all I ever got to see was censored porn, I might have become a creepy pervert myself. Especially if you get arrested just for looking at a school girl over there.

  • It wasn't included for the sake of it, they were at a strip club. And you are just assuming this was the cause of the delay, when it obviously was not.

    Besides, all we saw were her nipples.

  • wow you think their government is basically a dictatorship? maybe try doing some research so you don't look so stupid. 2 minutes on wikipedia and you would know that Japan is a constitutional monarchy (essentially a democracy) and it's government probably most closely resembles that of the US of all Asiatic nations.

  • I was ready for whatever TT had in store to defile my childhood. I really don't have a problem with it... Just whatever.

  • I think if it made you feel uncomfortable then the scene was doing its job. It wasn't nudity for the sake of nudity. It was to see how much they were exploited in an adult way. Making it harder to not destroy the place. I'd be interested to know how many people know the original Little Mermaid story, not the Disney (Mundy) version who play this game?

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  • oh no I have poor grammar on a forum me so stupid ... it's should have been its ... was there anything else besides capitalizing letters or proper comma placement. Corruption exists in every government. The level of corruption in American and Japanese governments is not bad compared to say China or countries which are true dictatorships North Korea for example. Votes do count. Sometimes things happen under an elected official that you don't agree with and maybe you think that your vote doesn't make a difference because of this. I would like to see how you felt living in a country that oppresses its citizens. In the US you have the freedom to believe that the government is corrupt and whatever other conspiracy you choose. In other countries you can be killed for having those same beliefs or sent to 'behavior correction'. If you think the government in the US is corrupt or unfavorable you are welcome to leave any time you want no one is keeping you here.

  • Breasts... no breasts... who cares? What´s way more important: the introduction scene with Nerissa in it shows her dancing at the pole. She grabs the pole, pulls herself up and it looks like she is swimming like a mermaid :)

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    Pretty sure it had nothing to do with the delay, and while I don't think nudity is necessary, I certainly don't mind it. As a matter of fact since it's there I enjoy it.

    Anybody who's uncomfortable at this short nudity scene can't take most thriller movies.

  • Didn't really bother me. It was just a visual reinforcement of the extent to which these women are demoralized by Georgie. Owing to the language, I'm already not playing the game with my three year-old in the room. Though actually, she'd be way less confused by seeing a pair of breasts than hearing f-bombs getting dropped left and right.

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    Umm...Hi.I just wanna say that the reason your thread got so many dislikes is,maybe,because some...blushes a little boobs...aren't really that offensive?And anyway,there is an age restriction and TellTale warns you of the nudity,and i don't see how this is really such a big thing.Why should it be avoided?It is part of the story,the character just plays her part and...Let's be honest,now,it's a stripper club!"What did you expect to see?"(quote-Bigby 2014).It couldn't be avoided because it was part of the story,it's as simple as that.

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    Close ups on a severed head, examination of a dead body... no problem...

    B-Boobs ? What the hell ?!

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