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Congrats Mr.Grossman,Hines & Ms. Martinez: I really L-O-V-E-D Episode 2! :-)

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I want to say THANKS to these people, as representative for others TT crew.
The episode 2 was intense and made me connected to the story as never happened in TT.
I think it's your best work, and the deep dialogues go down to your spine.

Well Done, I had soooo much fun,
Thank you all!!!!!!

  • I know that there are some people who didn't like this episode as much, but i personally agree with you. The feeling of mystery is strong in this one. I already replayed it four times (to fill out all the save slots.) For me, this episode was just as brilliant as the first one was, nevermind the overall fewer action. Thrilled and excited for Ep. 3!

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    It was AWESOME, only things I wanted to mention is that it was pretty short and lacked action sequences, except that, exceptional episode!

    • Am I the only one who doesn't care for the action sequences? I play TellTale games for the story, and IMO if I want action I will go play something that does action better. Yes sometimes there needs to be action scenes to show tension or consequences in the story. But it's definitely not something I actively look for in a TellTale game. It's the opposite of playing a fighting game for a great story. LOL

  • I agree! Episode one was an amazing introduction, and I thought this was a great follow up. And the dialogue was so good! As much as I enjoy the action sequences, it was nice to take a bit of a break from those for a while and really feel like I was learning more about the characters and the players in the story. Loved it!

  • I need to let some days pass before I give my non-biased opinion, but I thought it was indeed pretty good. My only complaint -as has been the case on recent Telltale episodes- is that it felt a bit short.

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    ManuelGarcia BANNED

    I liked it too.
    I was really engaged to deliver the best possible Bigby!
    It was fun and then very sad and then very cool and then very disturbing and then very OMG.
    And I loved the slower pace, it makes more connection with the characters!

    GREAT WORK, TELLTALE, im' gonna replay it soon! ;)

  • It seems that on twitter TellTale writer Nicole Martinez was saddened by the fan reactions in the forum to the episode she worked on:

    "it's still hard to read a bunch of comments saying you disappointed them... Especially the harsh ones" she wrote.

    Well, it seems that many people liked it too, Nicole! :)

  • The intro was awesome.

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    Nicole_M Telltale Staff

    Thanks everyone! Really glad you enjoyed the episode. :)

    • Thanks to you. :)

      And the direction of the Holly/Snow scene is absolute art. The glances, how Holly looks Snow, the voice acting fully delivering, the silences, and the general mood of it was perfect. I think TT is top notch in portrait deep and human female characters on viedogames. You raised the bar of quality.

      And btw I was absolutely freaked out entering in the 207 (and with the cassette music playing is even worse!).

      Loved the episode. Third playthrough coming. :-)

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