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Walker Country needs some love

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Uh, hey everybody! This guy WalkingBiter started a roleplaying/fanfiction website based on The Walking Dead game series a few months back. He started the site with passing the time we spend waiting in between episodes in mind.
Now to be's been pretty lonely there lately; only me and two other users are playing at this point.
...But before WalkingBiter took off for an indefinite period of time, he made me and a few other guys moderators, and urged us to advertise. So this is me finally getting off my lazy butt and trying to help out.

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Walker Country

Welcome to Walker Country. Two months ago the walker outbreak occurred, causing a collapse of civilization. The strange creatures known to many as walkers appeared out of nowhere and began terrorizing the living. At first authorities dismissed these events as riots. But when reports of riots began circulating over the entire country and then the world, people started to get worried. The rioters had no motive and attacked anyone who moved. It wasn't long until the authorities discovered the rioters weren't rioters at all, but the dead coming back to life with a hunger for human flesh. To make matters worse, every person killed by one of these walkers were subsequently turned into walkers themselves.

Everyday there were more of them and less of us. Two weeks into the rise of the walkers, the power died and broadcasts over the radio stopped. It has been three months since the outbreak and the survivors are in a state of fear, as around every corner could lie a possible danger. You are one of these survivors. How you survived and who you were before the outbreak matters little now. All that matters is surviving and deciding how to do so.

How will you survive Walker Country?

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