The Headless Horseman

After episode 2, i feel more sure than ever.

The fact that the victims were people that Crane used, hint that the killer is trying to fuck with Crane.

And who's Crane's Top Nemesis?

Well the Horseman of course.

Add to that the fact that all the murders so far have been decapitations.

It well may be that he's working with someone, someone who told him to "stop laughing".

But without no mouth to speak with, there is no sound.


  • Except there is no Headless Horseman. The " Book of Fables" profile reveal the Horseman was just a prank a rival pulled on him and does not really exist.

  • Well in the story the Horseman is most likely Abraham "Brom Bones" Van Brunt. A rowdy farmer. Although it is "open to interpretation." Either way it's unknown if Brom Bones, or a true "headless horseman" ever made it out of the Homelands.

  • Who ever the killer is......I think he/she is working with Bluebeard. I think Bluebeard is trying to get Crane thrown out so he can take over (seen in the episode 3 preview). He has the money to pay people to do dirty work for him (killing, stalking, stealing, etc.).

  • I honestly don't think so.

    If this was the case Bluebeard wouldn't be around in the Comics.

  • fucking genius.

    no, that's really smart man.

  • I haven´t read the comics so I am kinda confused... the headless horseman is not a char from the comics right? So even if it is the headless horseman - we never saw him and therefore aren´t really closer to figuring out who the killer is.

  • He's never mentioned in the comics.

  • Correct, neither are in the comics. What I'm saying is if you read the original story the identity of the Headless Horseman is open to interpretations. You can either believe that Crane was killed off/scared away by Brom Bones dressed up as the Horseman so he could win the girl they were fighting over, or the Horseman is indeed a "supernatural" figure who took Crane away.

    Either way it's never stated whether either Brom Bones himself, or a ghostly "headless horseman" ever made it out of the Homelands. The Homelands is the land of the Fables for those who do not know. If they didn't make it out they have either been killed by the Empire or are in servitude towards it.

  • But the "Book of Fables" entry mentions Brom Bones and the fact that he pulled pranks on Crane. It also mentioned that the Headless Horseman was probably another on of Van Brunt's pranks.

    Either way, i doubt Van Brunt is the killer or the Headless Horseman.

  • He would be because now he controls things. Or maybe you meant that in another way?

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    I would like him to be the killer, But after what i saw in episode 2 I don't think Telltale is gonna go with anyone who we remotely expect, Hell i wouldn't be surprised if they pulled a Heavy Rain and Bigby is the killer

  • I think he's going to be in a political battle with Snow for the Deputy Mayor position.

    I just mean that if Bluebeard really is the killer he wouldn't be hanging around in Fabletown.

  • In the Fables comics, one of the villains, "Mister Dark", is known to be a "dullahan". The "Dullahan" was a Gaelic (I think, maybe Celtic) folk legend, a headless rider donned in black riding upon a black steed chopping the heads of his victims. The Dullahan legend was the inspiration for Irving's original Headless Horseman. So while Crane's own Headless Horseman was just a prank, the Fables comics themselves do have an individual known to take form as a Headless Horseman.

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    Yes Bullseyes "probably" or in other words like the original story it's open to interpretation. Either way as I said it's unknown if the Horseman whoever he is, whether a genuine ghost or Brom Bones, it is unknown if he made it out of the Homelands. It's most likely that he did not, meaning his is likely either dead or is enslaved by the Empire.

    Of course Telltale could bring the character in, they are a Fable and their canon ending hasn't been explored in the comcis to my knowledge.

    I do agree though about the idea that they aren't the killer.

  • How boring would it be if it was actually the Headless Horseman chopping off people's heads?

  • Well, more than boring it will make the Headless Horseman story out of context. I mean, the Headless Horseman goes chopping off people's heads but then he collects the heads of the ground and stores them in a secret place. So it's clearly not him.

  • Ohhh no Im not saying hes the killer but since hes rich he can pay others to do it. I think its all part of a big plan to try and frame certainpeople so that he can take over. For example maybe he hired the red head guy to follow Bigby and to see how conducted the investigation. Another example is that maybe Bluebeard decided to "help" Bigby in the interragation room, by encouraging Bigby to use violence on Dee/Woodsman. Remember Toad in one of the trailers looking at the mirror and asking "is this how you treat your prisoners?". I think Bluebeard is framing Bigby and Crane so that he can get them either kicked out (like Crane) or getting people to justify turning on Bigby. We already saw the result of Crane getting framed. Now Bluebeard is taking his place now he has power and Im pretty sure hes gonna use it to get rid of anyone in his way.

  • Im pretty sure thats Celtic. Anyway there isnt any evidence that Mister Dark is going around killing people but theres still 3 episodes left alot can change. By the way does that Mister Dark wear blue jeans.

  • Though i think that Bluebeard wouldn't have anything to gain by becoming the deputy mayor, being richest Fable already and having King Cole in his pocket with his annual donation, i can't ignore that scene from the 3rd episode preview. Maybe TTG is going in that direction, I don't know.

  • But that would get Crane executed, not only exiled in comics. I don't think you can use insanity defense in Fabletown

  • Maybe theres someone else tha is trying to take over and he is just a huge partner to that person. As deputy with Cole gone doesnt that mean hes in charge of the towns money?

  • This is an 'All myths are true' universe, it's very likely that there is a headless horseman, whether he's involved or not is an entirely different question.

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    Town doesn't have any money. And Bluebeard has more than he can spend in his life time even if he lives for 10000 years. Most of the founds town has comes from him,and that is not even his pocket change.

  • He's confirmed, a statue of him appears in Episode 3 if you go into Crane's apartment.

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