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E3 Release Discussion:PC/Mac/PSN/XBLA/iOS/Kindle/Android out now;Vita/PS4/XOne:Nov 4 NA/Nov 7 EU

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The place for all your Episode 3 release date discussion needs!

We'll update the OP here when there's new info to share.


  • PC/Mac (worldwide) - Tuesday, April 8th - OUT NOW
  • PlayStation 3 (North America) - Tuesday, April 8th - OUT NOW
  • Xbox 360 (worldwide) - Wednesday, April 9th - OUT NOW
  • PlayStation 3 (Europe) - Wednesday, April 9th - OUT NOW
  • iOS - Thursday, April 10th - OUT NOW
  • Kindle Fire and Amazon Fire TV (worldwide) - Monday, June 2nd - OUT NOW
  • Android - Thursday, October 30th - OUT NOW
  • PlayStation Vita/PlayStation 4/Xbox One (North America) - Tuesday, November 4th
  • PlayStation Vita/PlayStation 4/Xbox One (Europe) - Friday, November 7th

Episode 3 trailer

  • Telltale should make the next episode longer... and why is the Episode 2 preview not connected to Episode 2?

  • I think it is April

  • I'm guessing if all goes according to plan we'll see Walking Dead in early march and then the next Wolf episode in early to mid April.

    Really keen to see what happens next! Hopefully that mystery guy from episode 1 shows up again soon.

  • I'm expecting/hoping for TWD before the end of Feb. with TWAU sometime in march.

  • Like everyone I can't wait for episode 3 but given the very long wait we had to endure for episode 2 this time I won't be setting my hopes up too high.I'll try not to think about it until we are given some reliable info.We still have many things to discuss and to think about regarding episode 2 though.

    • I have to mostly agree. The only high hopes we should have is for episode 5 being released mid-late June. They definitely lowered the time to finish everything. They already started to work on 3 right after episode 1 was released. They made it more in line with the comics, which we all should like.

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    CIementine BANNED

    @PuzzleBox Why did you guys rewrite episode 2 & 3 episode 3 looked really interesting but you guys changed it.

  • Missing the feelings you had during the wait for smoke and mirrors? Do you want to feel that anger, that annoyance, that unbridled rage at telltale for their complete lack of communication? Come join us on TWD forums, where you can re experience all those emotions again. Prepare to have your hopes held high by a mid season premier of the television show, and then completely let down by Telltale. So join us, and get ready to feel neglected.

  • If you guys do the same think you did to us while waiting for Episode 2, I am gonna find you and shove my digital copy of the game up your asses.
    I love your games, but everything has boundaries, so PLEASE be more honest with us. We can take it and you will get no shit from us if something goes wrong, but you gotta tell us.
    Looking forward to the next Episode :P.

  • Would it be too optimistic to hope for early early March? I'm completely in the grip of withdrawal all ready. :(

  • Episode 3 prediction, Georgie continuing to make a fuckwit of himself.

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