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  • well, it seems we're only days away from A House Divided. then it's your turn to complain that the episode is taking too long!

  • Not everyone reads that thread, yo. Chill out, bro.

  • Episode 2 was TOO short. It was a perfect night to play the game. It was snowing horribly outside, and the entire campus was being shut down so I hopped onto the computer downloaded the game and proceeded to play. It took me longer to DOWNLOAD the episode than to PLAY IT. Hopefully, episode 3 will be LONGER and BETTER. :(

  • With Walking Dead episode two due next week when are we likely to get some news on Wolf Among Us episode 3?

  • Has there ever been on time Telltale game release?

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    Nope, we are on the third week of at (very, very, VERY) least six.

  • well, the amount of time between Around Every Corner and No Time Left was downright reasonable.

  • I really would like to know how finished all of the game is at the release of first episode!

  • I just can't help but think that Telltale's business / creative model is completely whacked. TWAU was in development for like two years: I don't understand why they would begin to release the episodes until all of them were FINISHED. Or, like 99% completed. For that matter, I don't understand why all the episodes WOULDN'T be finished after all that time in development. They seem to be literally making these chapters up as they go along: and speaking as a writer, I could not begin to live with that kind of insanity. It is completely 100 percent bonkers. You can NOT expect to deliver a polished product when you are still putting it together a week before the release date!

    Not having the episodes complete means that, by definition, you cannot make an accurate or even sensible release schedule. Making it up as you go along means that the whole project could potentially collapse at any given point. And the whole mess is compounded by their damned annoying tight-lipped approach to the fans. I think a lot of fan frustration could be alleviated just by keeping us in the loop: let us in on the creative process, give us a glimpse behind the scenes. Instead they treat us like mushrooms.

    I can only imagine the chaos that their offices must live in on a daily basis. Much as I am interested in their BORDERLANDS game, I'm having second and third thoughts about buying into it... because Telltale just seems to me to literally not have a clue what they are doing.

  • thats correct, it is being made up as they go along , for one of many reasons, to incorporate gamer feedback.

  • I am sad that they had to make big changes in the story! Looks like they wrote out the detective out of the episode and I think that these changes might be giving them problems in further episodes!

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    If Telltale games goes by the six week promise they made, I would said we are due for a new Episode around the end of March, beginning of April.

    If they don't keep the six week promise, I would say mid-end of April if we're lucky.

    If you think about it, they have three games to deal with, The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us and the Borderlands 2 DLC that they are making. (if it hasn't already been released)

    I would just give them some space, plus, we won't know the date of the Episode release until a week before. Can't really say much until then.

  • From what I heard, when the first Episode was released, they were working on Episode 3. That should give you an idea on where they're at with the game. I'm assuming their done it and they just have to make some adjustments to the game as they released each Episode. They revealed in the trailer for the third Episode a bit of the Forth and Fifth. So hopefully, the third Episode will be on time.

  • I guess your right. You can't expect them to have the episode ready in time.

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    You could have at least linked the Who version.
    Edit: I'm dumb.

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    I would say April or May. Hopefully, April.
    They wouldn't release TWAU Ep3 in March, because they normally release an episode of game every month such as.....

    october: twau Ep1

    november: erm, well?

    december: Season 2 ep 1

    january: twau ep2, you coming soon? :D

    february: twau ep2

    march: twd s2 episode 2

    april: twau ep3

    may: twd s2 episode 3

    june: twau ep4

    july: twd s2 episode 4

    august: twau ep5

    september:twd s2 episode 5
    if we're lucky.

  • I think that this will alternate with Walking Dead until they are almost done, then they will release the other new games, like Tales of the Borderlands, to keep the target entertained and them rolling in dough. not a bad marketing ploy really.

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  • the five episodes in one disc will be out in august or september right?

  • I quote from Steam: "Episodes 3-5 will be released periodically until Summer 2014"

    Meaning, Episode 5 will be released -hopefully- by the end of September (when Summer ends). The rest will be released before then.

  • I wasn't trying to say that, I was trying to say that they have a lot on their plates. So, just don't really be surprised if the Episode does come out late. Plus, they are making adjustments to the game all the time with the gamer feedback they get.

    If you really think about it, Telltale makes good, even great games. Couldn't we wait an extra two weeks for what it's worth? It wouldn't be that bad having to wait a little bit longer than expected.

  • I expect the release date to be in early April since EP2 was released on 4th of February and TWD: A House Divided will be released today, again on the 4th!

  • Well, now that ep 2 of TWD was released. We can now look forward for TWAU. Unfortunately, i'm inclined to believe that without delays we will get it by early april.

  • I have just finished TWD episode 2,and i am again obsessed with TWAU episode 3...I can't...GAH!

  • Only a month left...if we're lucky...

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    Ok done with TWD episode 2 waiting for TWAU 3.... :D

  • You got a long road ahead ;)

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    @Rafoil wrote:
    Well, it's been a month since the 2nd episode was released. Thoughts of when the third is coming out? I'll guess April 8th.

    Maybe, just hope that The Walking Dead and The wolf among us release on the same month, that would be cool.

  • April does seem like the way to go.... It's about time for some "Huff&Puff"

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    If Ep2 of Walking Dead is anything to go off then we're probably looking at around late May, sorry to say

  • My guess is April 1st.

  • i hope we get som news soon

  • well here's what i think just my Opinion. i think Early April since TWAU was released February and i believe Telltale said it would take 2 months but then again that's assuming all goes right and smoothly.

  • I don't think that nobody calls a girl as a "dude".

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    Since Walking Dead advertised and sold Season 2 on a promised "4-6 week" delivery schedule, I'm expecting to get back on track and avoid any potential legal exposure they're going to be moving to a monthly shipping schedule. By Telltale's estimation, we should see Walking Dead Ep3 in early April, Ep4 in early May, etc. To avoid overlap, I think we could reasonably expect Wolf Among Us Ep 3 mid to late March.

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    Hopefully April 4th or 8th Episode 3 will be out .

  • Didn't it take approx. 4 months for TWAU Episode 2 to come out? Who knows how long it will take. I think Telltale is a bit preoccupied on TWD Season 2

  • I get annoyed waiting for two months or more on either series. If they alternated their releases of TWAU and TWD so that we got something monthly, then people in general would presumably be happier, and this thread would be shorter. Just saying...

  • I pray that was a one time slip...

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