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    No comments? No counter-arguments? No extra information to add?

  • Ichabod has a Snow fetish lol

    Whatta guy

  • I'm not really convinced, simply because I don't think it'll be that obvious. A quick google search can tell you that Crane is in the Headless Horseman's story, and we're only on episode two, so the killer shouldn't be revealed yet.

    HOWEVER I do really like that idea of why someone said "stop laughing," so I will keep it in mind as we find out more.

  • I do like this theory, especially about the "stop laughing" bit
    However i feel its a bit too easy, since Crane is allready suspect, getting the horseman is easy, since he is him.
    But its something to keep in mind.

    edit: seems like im parroting bertie4445 :P Didn't read untill now.

  • Wow, that's actually very likely, and plays into my thoughts on it.

    How does Bluebeard fit into all of this, because I'm sure he does. My original theory was that Bluebeard had somehow manipulated Crane into killing at least Lilly, this is much more believable with the "Headless Horseman" aspect added in. So... Really not a problem, just the fact that I think that Bluebeard is somehow involved. Still, I don't think he's the mastermind. More like he found out about Crane after the first murder, and then manipulated Crane into committing the second, knowing that Bigby would track it down, and Crane would be forced to leave his position, letting Bluebeard try and take power as acting mayor while King Cole is gone.

    This also brings up the question of who the mastermind behind it all is, because I have no doubts that Crane/the Horseman is the killer, but why would he kill Faith unless he was working for someone? Does it have something to do with the object that Faith stole form the Tweddles' boss? On a side note, I don't think that the Tweedles or their employer are involved in the actual murder too directly. Neither is Georgie. While all of them are probably guilty of something, The Horseman and HIS Boss are ultimately responsible, and then maybe Bluebeard stepped in and organized Lilly's murder, or at least got Crane to do it somehow.

  • I still think Bluebeard is framing Crane so he can gain power. I think hes behind all of these killings in some way, shape or form. He has the money to pay people like Dee, Dum, and may have even paid the Ginger guy to watch Bigby's moves (kind of unlikely). Although I still think this theory is likely to be true. Crane does tend to go bezerk on people (too a certain extent) and then be a decent person afterwards. Maybe this theory would work the other way around. Maybe the Headless Horseman is posing as Crane, killing Lily and Faith and making it look like it was Crane who did hence the photo sticking out from under the bed. Of course none of the fables suspect that its him because no one has even seen the guy yet (because hes posing as Crane). Anyway I think I may be getting a little carried away here but this theory and the Bluebeard theory sound very likely to happen in my opinion.

  • I do agree about Headless Horseman as being a very likely suspect , but are you saying that Crane is Headless Horseman ? Or how does this "disease" of yours work , because I don't really understand.

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      Dissociative Identity Disorder or Multiple Personality Disorder is a psychological disease. Those affected by it show more than one personality, each with their own traits, likes, dislikes, etc. Have you ever seen Me, Myself & Irene? Using that movie as a crude example, Ichabod would be Charlie and the Headless Horseman would be Hank.

      Cases differ, sometimes one personality can take full control of the body. The other personality may or may not be privy to the actions of the commanding one. Other times the separate personality can exist fully in the mind as a sort of little voice influencing the commanding personality's actions.

  • This is a good theory, the only problem is that one of the "Book of Fables" in the game establishes that the Headless Horseman was not real nad that it was a prank by of rival of Crane.

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      Yes but as I'm explaining here; the Headless Horseman doesn't physically exist. Dissociative Identity Disorder can be caused through traumatic stress. After the event, the stress could have manifested into a person that exists only in the mind of Ichabod Crane.

  • I like it, it's at least plausible. I personally don't think they'll go that way, but it's an interesting notion.

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