Favorite Episode 2 Quote?

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My favorite one is when Bigby looks at the soda machine and says "This shit will kill you." and then proceeds to smoke a cigarette.



  • "Show me Tweedledum...That piece of...Scum."

    "...But she didn't have her head on!"

    And while I don't have the exact quote on me, Bigby's line to Woody that goes something like "Bluebeard and Ichabod? They think you're shit. But you don't think I know what it's like to be the bad guy?" That was a really great little speech there.

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    "Beauty, I could honestly not care less about this, do what you want". Thats one of Bigby's responses to Beauty explaining why shes working at the hotel. I thought the quote, along with hes expression was hilarious.

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    "They used to call me the little mermaid.... 'sigh' Once upon a time"

    I dunno that line just really depressed me, clearly plenty of these characters wish they handnt left their books after all. Seeing where they ended up

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    "And I can't help note that you did not rhyme. Do try to stick to the rules next time."

    • Magic Mirror

    "where can I find Tweedledum?.....uh....that piece of scum."
    "I'm feeling pretty f****** pissed off right now, if I am honest....I'd like to smash everything in this room"
    ''(if it was a threat, smashing objects at the police station) Depends on how much you like the furniture."

    • Biby
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    1. Bigby:And what did you expect to see?
      Toad:I thought maybe i'll catch you on the SHITTER!

    2. Bigby:I almost lost you once,and...
      Snow:I'm not yours to lose!(<--OOOOOOOOOOOH!)

    3.Jack:Everytime i see this guy,he always seems to lose weight.He loses weight and somehow keeps all the muscle!Wolfie,my dear,how are you?

    4.Jack:C'mon,i need entertainment!sees Bigby behind him This'll do.

    5.Bigby:What's 207?Room number? Georgie:I don't know.Millimeters,maybe?

  • "Listen, you could be in danger." "Oh sweetie...we're all in danger." I LOVED the delivery of that line.

    Also, a funny-in-retrospect line was Crane's reaction when Lily unglamoured. "You've gotta be kidding me."

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    I don't recall the exact quote, but when Bigby asks Georgie what the number 207 in his book means, he replies something like:
    "I don't know. Milimeters maybe?" XD

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    I know there are better ones. But this one i found specifically funny.

    Bigby:"How about a room register? Or someone named "Mr.Smith"?

    Beauty:"That's all we get here, Smith's, Jones's or Johnson's. I think the last ones are jokes"

  • I'm glad he didn't say "I could care less" that phrase people often get wrong :)

  • Well, Bigby's not American. That's a particularly American mistake, for some reason.

  • "For fuck sake" atleast i heard lt like 5 times :D

  • Georgie (the new Winston): OH FIR FUCKS SAKE

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  • "Oh dear, im afraid it might be a fake name Bigby" made me chuckle.

  • Door Lady: Why do you want to see Georgie.

    Bigby: Hes a friend of mine.

    Lady: Georgie is busy now.

    Bigby: I don't care!

    Lady: I can see why you are friends.

    That exchange was funny as hell.

  • "It's illegal"
    "It's FROWNED UPON."
    "It's illegal if I don't like it."

  • "Tweedledee was just here."

    "You sure it wasn't Tweedledum?"

    "Well, no, but he seemed pretty sure."

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    Bigby: "She was impersonating Snow White, why?"

    Georgie: "Maybe one of her clients was into it"

    Bigby: "Like who?"

    Georgie: "Try looking in the mirror"

    And then the expression on Bigby's face.... I laugh every time I see it :)

  • Georgie was onto something there :D

  • Bigby: "You Georgie?"
    Georgie: "Brilliant deduction, Sheriff."

    Bigby: "You don't know me."
    Georgie: (mocks Bigby in a sing-song voice) "you don't know me!" Okay. Mysterious lone wolf, right, I gotcha, Jesus, Bibgy. you are so corny. I love it, through. No, seriously I love it."

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    -Bigby looks at a soda machine.

    "Heh. That shit'll kill you."

    -Smokes a puff of his cigarette.

  • Bigby: I almost lost you once,and...

    Snow: I'm not yours to lose!

    My heart broken at that time. Seriously. :(

  • And I punched him and hit with bat. His face expression was really good after that. I want to break his bones.

  • Georgie: "This is exactly what I would expect from a thug like you. Storm in, throw around a bunch accusations, try to scare people, but you've got f*** all to back it up. And we're all just meant jump any time the wolf shows his teeth."

    Jack: "Bigby ...look...two fables are dead. And shit, Gren's sister--" Grendel: "Holly's sister" Jack: "Holly's sister has been missing for, what, a few days now? And we haven't heard word one about it from anyone." Holly: "Actually...have there been any updates? on my sister?" Bigby: "Holly....your sister I dead. She's the one we found early this morning." Jake: "Boy I sure walk into that one" Grendel: "If you say one more f***** thing, just one more thing......."

  • I never got that dialogue. what part of that scene was it?

  • Then picking up three of swords with the tarot cards.... Figures.

  • I liked the whole Grendel rant, came on so geniunely frustrated, i felt sorry for them. He may act like a badass, i think he's the most loyal sonuvvabitch in the woodlands.

  • "he's never gonna talk if you treat him like a fuckin prince!"

  • I heard that and I wanted to cry myself to sleep.

  • I don't remember the actual quote but I found it incredibly funny and awkward when Bigby asked Snow what underwear she had on.

  • If you look at the Book of Fables again and click on Snow, Bigby will say "I meant, what I said, Snow". Considering this was just after the "I'm not yours to lose" line, and the way he says it just makes it so damn emotional.

  • At the "open arm" looking at the coke machine, "those things'll kill ya, then takes a puff from his cig.

    Lol cracked me up

  • Yeah I like Grendel, he speaks his mind when no one else will. Dose anyone know if he play a certain role in the comics?
    I like Grendel's voice so I look him up a caple of times but couldn't find much info about him. He might have added by Telltale and not in the comics.

  • Bigby: I almost lost you once,and...
    Snow:I'm not yours to lose!

    My heart broke when Snow said that. They have to be together! ; n ;

  • Go to 1:19 in the video for those that view, the little snack quote kind of reminded me of that.

  • Big by: "You probably knew Snow was alive the whole time, didn't you?" Magic Mirror: "Possibly so, the moment has passed, you didn't rhyme, and you never asked. But as you know, I'm quite prolific, if you want me to show you someone specific."

    Grendel: "This whole thing is complete bullshit and always been, I mean, what's his job, really?" Holly: "To keep shit from reaching the woodlands."

    Grendel: "Where were you when reported this weeks ago, huh? Where are you when we ever f****** need you?!"

    Georgie: "People get up all kind of things when nobody's watching." Bigby: "You know its illegal to impersonate another Fable." Georgie: "It's FROWNED on." Bigby: "It's illegal, as long as I don't like it."

    Bigby: "What are you doing here?" Nerisssa: "Same as anyone. It's a place where I am. Where else am I supposed to be?"

  • I don't remember exactly but I like Crane's reaction when realised Lily was a troll xp

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    Bigby: You're wearing silk lingerie Snow?
    Snow: Why do you wanna know?
    Bigby: Just to see if the glamour is effective...
    Snow: It's not!

    Perverted Bigby strikes again!

  • After I threw Jack out of the bar Gren said some profanity and told him to climb a beanstalk. I forget the exact words, but it gave me a good laugh.

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