"Stop laughing."

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What do you make of this line?
TJ heard someone say it when Lily's body was dumped in the water, but he didn't actually hear someone laugh, nor did he notice anything or anyone else.
There have been great theories hinting at the ginger guy from Ep. 1 being "the boy who cried wolf" and somehow involved in the case (he has a motif seeking revenge on Bigby).

I remember a version of that story from when I was a child. And in that version the people from the village laugh at the boy when he seeks their help after the wolf really attacks his sheep.

The villagers heard his cries but they laughed because they thought it was another trick. The boy ran to the nearest villager and said, "A wolf is attacking the sheep. I lied before, but this time it is true!"

In another variation the wolf has the last laugh:

The boy tried yelling for help again, but no one came. He could only watch as the wolf ran off into the forest with all the sheep. This time the only one laughing was the wolf.

In any of these 2 cases the boy who cried wolf could be dealing with some sort of PTSD. He keeps having flashbacks and hears the villagers / the wolf taunting him. This would be supported by the fact that TJ didn't hear anyone laugh.

Maybe the solution is much more straightforward, because this is admittably already a bit far fetched. ^^

What is your take on this?


  • I think it's Crane going crazy, he might be haunted by Headless Horseman or something.

  • If you ask TJ the right things he tells you the person said 'stop laughing at me'
    Not sure how much significance this has but sure it must give a little clue to something later down the line

  • It could be Cryer. Though if it was him, he was more than likely just on body disposal duty.

  • I had the same thought (although I hadn't heard the variation where the wolf was laughing). I don't think it's a very far-fetched theory. Whoever committed these murders is obviously somewhat deranged and I can't think of any better explanation for why someone would say "stop laughing at me" when there apparently wasn't anyone there who was laughing other than that they had some kind of pathological aversion to being laughed at.

  • The exact lines were used by Georgie , (he said that to the jersey in episode 4 ), If u listen carefully while they are having a discussion behind closed door...

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    So, anybody got a theory of what was the point of this? It sounds like a big hint in episode one but it never really pays off, unless I've missed something.

  • Maybe this was their plan to make the ginger guy the killer until they for some reason rewrited the game

  • Yeah, I think you missed the post before yours =D

    There is quite a bit of repeated dialogue in the game, not least the final line! These are clues.

  • No, I read it but I don't really understand the implication of it. Why did he say it at the river?

  • When you're walking to the crooked man's lair, you can hear Georgie say 'stop laughing at me'.

    It wasn't crier, it was georgie.

  • When you're walking to the crooked man's lair, you can hear Georgie say 'stop laughing at me'.

    It wasn't crier, it was georgie.

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