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TTG Bugs are no longer cute

posted by short_stack on - Viewed by 177 users

I just sat down to play Ep 2 of The Wolf.. and guess what? It wants to charge me again even though i bought the season pass. Good job TTG for screwing your fans that gave you money upfront!
It ONLY took you like 4 months to make episode 2 one would think that you would put some effort into these sort of things. Second thing is the games run like crap!!! Seriously this isnt a GTA V level of tech being used and it still runs choppy as hell, its really taking away from the experience, infact in season 1 of TWD i stopped playing episode 2 for 6months because it was soo choppy in the beginning i gave up.
Thankfully i came back and s1 twd was a marvel even though is had serious framerate issues.
Seriously TTG get your act together, im tired of this "oh we are a bunch lucasarts writers we dont know tech we just make great stories"...ya i get that but with all the money you've been making one would think you could atleast hire 1 or 2 people to optimise your code!!!! and fix Live, PSN problems!

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