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Disappointed about the role of Brannigan

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I thought that a big focus of episode 3 would be that she is tailing bigby trying to figure out what he's doing.

I think a mundy detective being wrapped up in all this could have been a fascinating route to take.

However, after they changed the picture for episode 3, it seems that she will have a reduced role, and she doesn't even appear in the teaser.

  • Hopefully she will appear more as I've seen a couple of people mention the notes she took, so that could lead her back into the story. She seems like an interesting character, so I do hope that isn't the last we see of her.

  • Bring back Brannigan! (say that 3x fast)

  • I'm pretty sure they could not get rid of all the evidence, there was some civilian who found the head and called the police, not all officers where probably at the station. If I would wake up in an interigation room with bleeding nose and no memories of past 24h I would try to find out too.

    • Actually, they could get rid of all the evidence. This is what the Fables do to keep the mundis from finding out about them. Like Snow said, the witches know what they are doing with these spells.

      • Would the spell erase all the videotapes, notes, peoples memories who where not a t the station? And if you say Crane did it, well its proven hes not all that smart and makes mistakes.

        • It's magic, so yes. And Crane got the spells from the Witches upstairs and again, they do not mess around. You are really underestimating the Fables when it comes to keeping themselves hidden. Again, they have been doing this for centuries.

  • Yeah I really hope they didn't cut that storyline, but I kind of feel like that was the reason for the delay and the remake of Episode 2... ::/

    • Unfortunately, I think you might be right. Anyone else find it interesting that the Episode 3 Cover was changed? If I remember correctly, the scene depicted on the original cover was Brannigan tailing Bigby outside of the Woodland Apartments.

  • Meh. Fables is supposed to be about just that. Fables. The mundies rarely get involved. There was one arc in the comics that had a mundy reporter snooping around Fabletown, which I think covered how the fables deal with nosy mundies pretty thoroughly. I don't feel like there's any particularly compelling need to tread down that road again unless it's going to add something fairly significant.

    • Bigby is kind of a cop and another cop going after him while he investigates a crime is awesome and intriguing. And his self reflections about cops pretending to care during the Brannigan scene where great.

      • Except it would not add to the overall mystery. That and bad things happens to Mundis that get too curious.

      • Yes, the wrongly-accused detective evading the police while he continues working to find the real killer could be an interesting story. It's also a story that's been done a million times before. I'd rather a Fables story focus on the kinds of things that I'll only see in the Fables universe. Otherwise, what's the point of using the license? They could have just created their own generic murder mystery.

        • In those stories where it's been done before, has there been the risk of the entire community being exposed and torn down when the detective is accused?

          • Unlike those stories you reference, regular cops in TWAU don't know that Bigby is a cop, if anything they suspect hes a bit delusional or some kind of a criminal. Name a single story where that is done.

            • I can't, which shows that it would be original, which backs up my point.

            • I don't see how what you're describing really constitutes a significant difference. It's basically quibbling over setting details. Whether the protagonist is a cop or not, it would still clearly be an example of the Clear My Name trope.

              And let's be clear about this. Bigby may be called a "sheriff" in Fabletown, and the fables may respect that authority. But he's not a cop in any real sense of the word. Fabletown is not an officially recognized government body. At best, Bigby's job would fall under the category of "private security." And his investigation is definitely breaking the law.

              As for examples, The Fugitive would be the most well-known one. This also happens to Harry in The Dresden Files. It's a fairly regular occurrence in Batman and Spider-Man comics. It's basically the entire premise of The Cape. And that's just off the top of my head.

              Anyway, having read the comics, I just can't imagine the mundy police being able to pose any kind of real threat to Fabletown. Not with the magic that the fables have at their command. It would be utterly boring if they tried to drag that out because you just know that Frau Totenkinder can put a stop to their investigation any time she wants, and there are so many more fable villain that could propel the story that are far, far more interesting.

              It doesn't really make much sense either. Bigby didn't really do anything that would make the mundy police think he was a suspect. All he did was walk up to look at the crime scene. That's not a crime. It's not even terribly suspicious behavior. That's the building he lives in, and the victim is someone he knows. It would even be relatively easy to verify. I didn't even think Bigby was a suspect. I figured they were just questioning him because he knew the victim.

        • What? This is not the same. Not even close. The story would be really fucking cool if a mundie got involved. Think about the interactions with that character. And the whole mystery of the community in the perspective of a mundie. If you don't look forward to that, then to bad for you.

          • The story would be really fucking cool if a mundie got involved. Think about the interactions with that character. And the whole mystery of the community in the perspective of a mundie.

            It's also a story they already did. Read issues #12 & 13. Unless they have something significantly new to add about fables interacting with mundies, it's not a story I need to pay Telltale $25.00 to tell me again.

            • There's a huge portion of players who hasn't even read the comics.

              • I understand that. But there are also plenty who have. Why only satisfy one group by rehashing something that Fables fans have already read when they can satisfy everyone with a story that's actually new?

                A story needs to justify why we as the audience should invest in it. Why is this something that's worthy of my time and money? That's perhaps even more true of adaptations to another medium. Why is this a story that can only be told in the form of a video game? And what does it do to expand the Fables universe? That's a point that Telltale seems to get that many other licensed games totally fail at. They're not satisfied to just cash in on a popular title and lazily copy what's already been done with it. In both The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us, they've pushed the boundaries of the setting and created a richer, more expansive world.

                • It could be for players yet to read the comic. We can't say no to everything just because it's been done before if Telltale could put a new spin on it. Much like the situation in TWD Ep2 being done in the comic, yet Telltale made it different enough to be entertaining and fun, intense for comic fans. It shouldn't just be done for the sake of it, if Telltale do it they will make it it's own thing

    • It's also about their interactions with and avoiding Mundies

  • I'd very much like to see Brannigan come back too.

  • Yeah,i would like to see some mundies in this story!

  • Although Crane get rid of some evidence i think he couldn't get rid of all of them.For some reasons Bannigan will tail Bigby and fail to find him.

  • I think it will be a good twist if detective braniggan is murdered with her head cut off from her body

  • I don't really care what Brannigan does. She will end up dead in no time if she gets to close to finding out about the Fables. Especially if Bluebeard is temporarily running things.

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