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I've been reading the forum posts and the FAQ because I just didn't manage to import my saves to S2.
Now, the FAQ says that you need a v1.6 of S1 to be able to import.
I missed this line a while ago.
My computer crashed right before i bought S2, so the S1 GAME is no longer present. However, I did manage to salvage my save files. I think.
I have a folder, as stated in the FAQ: C/Username/Docs/Telltale Games/TWD => contains a pref.prop, and save files from 1 to 69 in the form of e.g. 'save_44 (2013_11_18 13_37_06 UTC).save' .
The folder also contains a 'SyncFS' folder. That's it, nothing else, no exe or anything.
Please tell me the save files are all I need to import the decisions. plx. halp.


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    EDIT: ran the support tool:

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    26/09/2013 22:58 50 833 prefs (2013_11_18 13_37_06 UTC).prop
    12/09/2013 13:44 16 130 save_1 (2013_11_18 13_37_06 UTC).save
    12/09/2013 15:40 118 408 save_10 (2013_11_18 13_37_06 UTC).save

    I don't know what happened to your files, but they don't have their original names anymore, so the game can't find them.

    I quoted only a few as an example to keep the post short, but all files should be renamed to remove the " (2013_11_18 13_37_06 UTC)".
    The above files should become:

    Same for the other files in the folder.

    If the files are okay, then S1 and S2 should recognize your progress afterwards.

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    bump EDIT: ran the support tool:

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