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Login/Email Error

posted by SunMiii on - Viewed by 1.1K users

Hi so I recently bought 'The Wolf Among Us' and entered in my paypal etc and it worked. I successfully downloaded the game, however I can't login to the site. I made a new user with my other email address and it worked however I can't use the 'account' I bought the game with, therefore preventing me from playing the game.

The problem with my other account is an email verification error, I've resent the email many times and clicked the link with getting the same 'Sorry' message each time.

I've tried switching the emails on this account, however it said the other email is already in use. I can't change the email on the other account because it's not a verified account, and I can't even login to that 'account' anymore because the password I set for it doesn't work.

Any help please?

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