• Interesting question, but I don't think that he was going to cheat on Beauty, he probably has a reason as to why he was there.

  • Crane sent him to Hotel. But, he didn't talk about Bigby. He knew that Beast will get angry and he will attack Bigby. But, Bigby won the fight and Crane lost the game.

  • He wasn't going to cheat on Beauty, that isn't the type of person he is. He either tracked her down or was sent there to cause trouble by a 3rd party.

  • I'd guess that Crane sent him there, but who knows, I guess we'll see

  • I'd always assumed he'd been asking around and heard someone say they'd seen Beauty walking in/out of the building before.

    That being said, Crane sending Beast to the hotel would really be hinging on 1.) Beauty and Bigby meeting up (likely, but not guaranteed), 2.) Beauty going upstairs with Bigby (Crane had no idea if that would happen), and 3.) Beast walking in the instant it looked like something incriminating was happening between Bigby and Beauty, something incredibly based on luck/circumstance to plan out. If Beast had walked up when Bigby was checking out Room 204, for example, it wouldn't really look like she was cheating on them.

    Thus, I don't really think it was Crane who sent Beast to the Open Arms.

    • Yeah it does seem unlikely, but Beauty did hide her face at the pay desk. And if Crane IS the killer then he did saw Beauty working in there and he used the Mirror to track down Bigby and when he saw him in the same place lurking around he probably sent Beast. It's not that unlikely now that I think about it. Also Dee said he knew Beauty so that confirms that. I am pretty sure Dee is working for Crane, because he was like: "Don't hurt him, violence will not be tolerated." Just trying to save his employee's skin?

  • I thought that maybe he was spying her...

    Bet that's one thing i'm sure: that was awesome scene. Good job, telltale!

  • beast was paranoid in ep1, he knew beauty was doing something,

    so imho

    beast tracked her using his beast powers much like bigby's sense of smell.

    after returning home to find beauty missing he went looking where he thought she was/could be and then traced her,

    ofcourse the perfect timing of catching her with bigby would lean towards someone giving him a heads up.

  • Because he wanted some Big Bad Love.

  • I only like those 2 theories:

    1.He tracked Beauty or Bigby.
    2.Crane told him to put him against Bigby.
  • I don't think Crane is actually involved, rather a man disguised as Crane via Glamour. In Room 207, there was an ashtray with a recently snuffed-out Huff-and-Puff cigarette; and if you recall, Crane doesn't like people smoking in his office. Also, leaving pictures of himself with the body within the crime scene is too easy--probably intended as a red herring for Bigby. Why Crane broke the magic mirror? I'm not sure. Perhaps out of frustration that he is now the prime suspect and doesn't know how to convince Bigby otherwise. Just my take, though. Really, really enjoying the game!!

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