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How can the military get overrun so easily?

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I mean c'mon they're the US Military!! They have one of the biggest armys in the world with loads of hardware at their disposal, how can they get completely wiped out by slow and stupid zombies?

  • They couldn't, but that wouldn't play well into Kirkman's "everything is destroyed" world.

    • Outbreaks from within medical centers of safe zones due to a lack of knowledge of how the walker infection spread, unnecessary killing of survivors in a fashion that leads to more walkers due to lack of knowledge of how the virus works, the breaking of the chain of command as civilian and military support infrastructure suffered outbreaks and got overrun, desertions (people trying to find their loved ones), poor initial combat effectiveness against walkers due to a lack of knowledge of how to kill them, tactical and strategic mistakes by the military caused by assumed or just wrong knowledge of how the virus and Walkers work, also:

      Just how many people do you think die every day in america without an apocalypse going on? How many of those people had their brains heavily damaged? Now remember that your average walker could kill quite a few unprepared civilians, causing that chain reaction effect, and you see just how easily many groups of huge unmanageable mobs of walkers could form and overrun the military.

      • Would they fail at first? Most definitely. But having the entire military in its metal glory broken down to a state of FUBAR as is suggested in TWD? Highly, highly, highly unrealistic. The large portion of your post is dedicated to the assumption that they would be ill-informed until a state of no return is reached.... a bad assumption considering the widespread telecommunications available. Not to mention quarentine protocalls are set for every city in the US which would be effective within hours. To be honest the only way a virus could spread like it has in TWD would be if it was an airborn version of the walker bite (not the walker virus, the walker bite).

        • Are there quarantine protocols good enough to stop something that everyone already has?

          More to the point, are there quarantine protocols that can stop people getting up after they die for any reason and eating people?

          Remember that due to the momentous nature of reanimation, most major population would become overrun in a few days due to the chain reaction effect of a single person dying for any reason in a populated area (and a lot of people die each day in populated areas).

          Also, you wouldn't have telecommunications because due to the pervasive nature of the walker reanimation virus (everyone caught it on the first day it seems) collapsing most of society within the first few days.

          • There may be, I wouldn't put it past the government to be so.... paranoid. But that iis besides the point, the point is army would be completely active within hours, communications wouldn't go down for days and days (within those days someone would shoot a walker in the head and a lightbulb would go off. Ding )

            Communications would be the very last thing that would go down. It is the single most important thing the world has in this modern age. Someone would kill a walker using brain damage tactics and it would be all over the internet in minutes. "Aim for da head!"

            • I don't think the problem is that they don't know how to kill the walkers, it's that they won't initially know walkers will spawn from any body that dies.

              So they could have large quarantine groups in every city that they assume are 'safe' (think Crawford), someone in there dies from disease, conflict, old age or maybe even suicide and that one civilian death could destroy the entire camp when that civilian kills another, and another, and another. This could happen all over, making the thought of having any large-scale camp protected by the military impossible because it'd be so difficult to manage.

              And not everyone has a gun, or will have a gun by their sides when it happens.

              I imagine there'd be many soldier groups that'd still keep themselves alive, but they'd be in such disarray that they wouldn't be able to function as a military group anymore. Honestly, I can't imagine living in the TWD zombie apocalypse in big groups because of how easy it would be for everyone to fall. Someone just has to die from whatever in the middle of the night and everyone is fucked.

              • I could argue every point you made to a point where you gave up and someone else would need to jump in with more ideas I could easily smash, but this argument is boring. So I will leave with a single statement:

                Bomb trumps teeth, no matter how many teeth.

        • But yeah Viva, everyone who dies starts turning into walkers all at the same time. This means that everywhere becomes under threat at once, including things like radio stations (EG Carley's radio in ep1). Everywhere under threat at once+lack of knowledge of how to deal with the threat=FUBAR.

          • You promote the amount of deaths in the US as the main source of death in the outbreak, that is a tiny number compared to over all population. It is unreasonable to believe no one would hit one in the head and share this information with everyone he knows, and them everyone they know, and so on. The knowledge of how to kill them would spread faster than they would. Most people die in specific locations, the points where the virus would spread from are limited. We are staying away from the real question here, the military. The military just could not be overun as it has in TWD. They just have to much gun power. Places, machine guns, destroyers, tanks... vs helpless walkers. It isn't possible.

            FUBAR means it can't be repaired, just because they fail at first doen't mean they wouldn't come back from it.

            • Viva, heres how it spread: The entire united states is infected with the airborne virus, there is no curing it, people die, everyone who dies becomes a walker, walkers swarm all bases from dieing military, walkers all across the U.S. are growing, and it all started with the first death from a hospital bed, a shoot-out, etc, even if the number of people dieing is rather small right now, multiply that by 10X, 20X, 30X, 40X, 50X, within a day you have the entirety of new york destroyed with few survivors, new york spreads elsewhere, every major highly populated city in the U.S. is now filled with walkers, That isn't manageable for the Military.

              The thing about the walker virus, is even if you kill all the zombies, you'd have to wipe out half the population of the united states to put the walkers into manageable numbers, it's just not possible without foresight.

              It wasn't a straight up outbreak or the scientists would've known about it, as strange as it is, the entire walker virus could've been a natural but insane occurance, there would be no upholding of order in this situation, but there is nothing saying the military is not still around, just not very...powerful or even a presence in the regions shown in TWD, I mean, we don't even know how Europe and Asia are faring, obviously china is wiped out but Iceland, Greenland, all of these other islands, they may be for the most part fine, minus the lack of resources without trade, but those places are small enough to be managed by their military, islands are the most likely to survive a zombie apocalypse and always will be.

              I'm sure Kirkman or otherwise will do something with the military eventually, he can't keep running from it forever, the military cant have just got 'wiped out' magically, its possible certain regions were just overrun and the military pulled back to key-places like washington D.C., some went AWOL and went elsewhere, and the bulk of the military perished within washington, I wouldn't doubt that sort of thing, but it's obvious through scenary alot of military personnel were killed by Walkers too, but i'm putting my cents on they pulled out to key places.

              • We see the governor wipe out a small group of ex-military survivors in the TV show. I would expect you're right abot there being pockets of them surviving elsewhere. My bet it that the initial outbreak broke the chain of command and then by the time those groups had got their shit together, they no longer had the resources or manpower to take back the country or protect all that many people.

              • I am going to have to direct you a few posts up top.

                I'll leave you with the same statement:

                Bomb trumps teeth, no matter how many teeth.

                • Um no, a grenade/missile kills a group, a nuke kills half the population of the U.S., The U.S. wouldn't resort to a nuke in the timespan that it took for them to fall, and they wouldn't do country-wide bombings in that time either, they at most could've started bombing 6 cities in about six/ten hours of the outbreak, it took for it to go nation-wide about five, the Military simply wasn't prepared or fit for such a situation and as such they got their ass kicked and its somewhat believable, as seen in the hospital the Military had no idea what they were doing as they shot people left-and-right to deal with walkers, with that kind of mass murder obviously they'd get constant defections and AWOL's, branches of the military went rouge, the remaining branchs got overrun from the mass loss of personnel, they pulled back to manageable bases elsewhere, they have to be around just not where rick and Co. have been. You don't get it, It was a nation-wide event, not just a couple people in certain places turned, it was everywhere, it was too spread out for the Military to do a damn thing about it, it probably took over a days time for everyone to even know it was happening everywhere and not a local occurance, I mean even on lees way to prison the police were only just starting to broadcast and we could assume it had already gone on for hours judging from the amount of walkers Lee ran into just from shooting a shotgun, by then it would just be too damn late.

                  The U.S. doesn't start with bombs within a outbreak, and seeing how the walkers work, a explosion brings thousands straight ontop of you, everything is against the military, even airplanes and jets and the like bring walkers back to the base when they go to refill on gas through hordes, there is no winning!

                  With the outbreak happening and the U.S. starting marshal law killing everyone, it's obvious, waaay obvious that branches went rouge and everything started backfiring!

                  I happen to agree that the fact they had tanks throughout cities and still completely lost is mind-numbingly stupid, as they would have atleast done some real damage before getting overrun in that case, but there is no evidence to suggest such, but the thing is, assuming they didn't have those tanks immediately and didn't react fast enough, it's believable, they had to prioritise certain locations, and it ended with the rest of the country getting overrun, they probably lost Washington D.C. in hours practically losing half the command of the Military already.

                  And for all we know, they did win, just obviously and believably in a smaller scale, they probably secured a couple certain places and have splinter groups with their own safe-zone set up out of contact with other groups, it's just without big enough numbers they really can't afford to broadcast on the radio what with all the bandits and crap everywhere they know better than to try it, I imagine they wouldn't be recluses like alot of groups though and would try to find people, what with their superior firepower, what i'm wondering is how they would go about that sort of thing, I mean a Military group would factor Bandits in faster than a regular group.

                  And they obviously hadn't had time to start bombing since there isn't any real carnage that supports that.

                  And it is possible at first the U.S. just thought it was some sort of riot or something, IDK it just seems like the police would get overrun, the cities would get overrun, then the Military would wise up and go in, by then as i've said two times now, it's just too late seeing as every city would be overrun, the Police don't keep the Military on call, they have the SWAT with the same tactics and access to the same weaponry for that.

                  If you want you can keep your arguments but atleast for me it's not holding up and I disagree, it was total annihilation for every city and most of the Military and any number of things could've gone wrong, they merely pulled out to certain regions, reinforced Military bases, and the like, is my theory.

                  You overestimate the reaction-time of the United States Military, they dont see a couple psychos killing people and think "Oh they are zombies! send the Marines, Spec Ops and start nation-wide city bombings with the Airforce!" by law they are forced to leave such things to the local Police and Riot control, they'd have reacted too damn late!

                  And even if they did react fast enough to get into the cities and start controlling, thats a couple units of the nearby military base, it would take HOURS for them to come in full force, dude, theres just no way, a country-wide/global zombie outbreak would take a couple hours to be beyond controllable, five at most.

                  Let me put this in easier terms too, you have Larry as your avatar, so do I, let's use him for this argument, he is ex military, did he once even expect the Military to roll in and save the day? he didn't even mention them, Mark was a surviving military officer too, as was Lily, they didn't expect to be saved by the Military for the same reasons i've mentioned, it took until they heard rifle shots near the end of EP-1 to wonder, did the military finally move in? because that would just take time, time they didn't have.

                  At a certain point when communications have ceased and when most officers have been overrun or cut off, Military bases and Hangers would just stop sending personnel/planes out until given new orders, thus reinforcements would cease and the remaining soldiers on scene get swarmed, Military bases here and there retain personnel and the C.D.C. remains untouched for the same reason they were, no communication.

                  It's more likely that by the time Shaun was in the hospital with Rick, that was also a splinter-group in itself, as they were in a big hurry to get the fuck out.

                  • Yeah I'm not reading that. It isn't realistic and no matter how much someone nit-picks at it it will be no more realistic.

                    Bomb trumps teeth, no matter how many teeth.

                    • Refusing to hear-out other opinions=your opinion is wrong and you won't own up to it, simple as that, by default I win this debate, sorry.

                      It's not nitpicking, its rational understanding of the U.S. Military and how long it'd take them to react.


                      its just irrational to think the military is all-seeing and would know "FAST SEND THE ENTIRETY OF THE U.S. MILITARY ALL ACROSS THE COUNTRY AND START NATIONWIDE BOMBINGS, I WANT 100 BATTALIONS OF U.S. BATTLETANKS AROUND ATLANTA, NEW YORK, HOUSTON, AND WASHINGTON D.C. RIGHT NOW!", and assuming they did say that, they'd have secured two of those cities, thats it, with the full force of the U.S. military, they could've secured, TWO OF THOSE CITIES, in the time that it took for every other city in the entire goddamn country to get completely overrun.

                      However to add onto this, there were a group of military officers guarding the C.D.C, unfortunately they, as many people have said, deserted to go find their families alongside the scientists who were also there.

                      • Sorry, that is wrong in every sense.

                        I've completely destroyed every 'reason' it is true put before me before you came along and I am tired of fighting this never ending battle. It's more like a religious debate at this point. It's completely unrealistic and impossible yet somehow the masses buy it wholeheartedly. In anycase I'm done because no matter how many people I prove wrong another will fill their shoes with newer (usually not), 'better' (usually not) evidence and it never stops.

                        Bomb trumps teeth, no matter how many teeth.

                        • You've completely destroyed every reason? you haven't even looked at my well-thought out albeit very long post, I considered so many different possibilities for their downfall, the biggest being the fact that they would be so far-spread and the virus would destroy all major cities within hours, its that simple, they'd be unable to get every region under control and they'd be screwed except in their strongest regions, they have won however, just on a smaller scale, probably held up in some region or spread out in multiple bases as I've stated, so you aren't right, and not completely wrong, if kirkman acknowledges that in every sense the military is destroyed, i'll call bullshit, but as is it's believable and acceptable, considering that you could see at the hospital they were pulling out, and training wouldn't cut it because the Military isn't prepared for billions of slow walking grouped urban hostiles and wouldn't resort to those 'bombs' that 'trump teeth' until it was too late, i'll tell you what, i'll quote one little bit of my earlier post for you, one of telltales superb writing.

                          They lay some C4 and lead Walkers to it, boom, 10000 more on their way, they throw grenades in every direction, collapse a couple buildings, more come, several barricades setup around a city, swarmed by the sound of gunshots, it just wouldn't work, they wouldn't respond fast enough to secure enough blindspots and would end up being overwhelmed as fast as a undermanned Riot Team would in a REAL city-wide Riot.

                          "Let me put this in easier terms too, you have Larry as your avatar, so do I, let's use him for this argument, he is ex military, did he once even expect the Military to roll in and save the day? he didn't even mention them, Mark was a surviving military officer too, as was Lily, they didn't expect to be saved by the Military for the same reasons i've mentioned, it took until they heard rifle shots near the end of EP-1 to wonder, did the military finally move in? because that would just take time, time they didn't have."

                          When a bomb brings people back to life, you'll be correct.

                          I'm okay with stopping this here too, just stop pretending your opinion is all-crushing when you haven't even looked at my opinion or disputed it.


                          To end my argument in its entirety right here, If every man, woman and child in america were to Riot, have no weapons, and just slowly walk towards every military/official in the country and attempt to beat them to death, guess what country would have no military or government?

                          I'm not even trying to be a jerk, I've just got a very logical opinion I want to back, just like you.

                          • I did say before you, didn't I?

                            "A wise man speaks because he has something to say. A fool because he has to say something."

                            I'm not calling you a fool, the very long (and probably well thought out) posts you have left point to the contrary. Just because I can prove you wrong doesn't mean I should feel obligated to.

                            Bomb trumps teeth, no matter how many teeth.

                            • Let's agree to disagree, from my view point, the Military definitely from any logical standpoint did win, just on a smaller scale, so neither of us can really be wrong, the thing is however, on a nation-wide catastrophe like this, unless they managed to cure the virus, there would be no taking back America, a full scale loss? no way, a full scale victory? no way, so neither of us is really wrong, and neither of us really should be, as there is logic on both sides here, even with your somewhat one-sided argument.

                              And do remember Rick and Co. haven't exactly mapped out the country, so theres no telling what is out there.

                              That is what I have been trying to say this whole time.

                              And I apologise for my rudeness two posts above.

                              You can reply if you want, but as promised I am ending it here from my side to spare you my unneeded arguments, as this entire conversation really doesnt matter and can be left to the fact really that they lost in the story.

                            • You don't get the point of this. Your bolded bottom-line is based on the idea that you can just nuke all the zombies away and then the military can take care of it after that with gunpower.

                              The military, guns, bombs and tanks will always kill the zombies. But they will not beat the virus - they will be overrun if they stick as a large group, as the military. Soldiers will survive in small groups but if they function in a big group as "the military" they will never be able to control the virus. They will never win unless they find the vaccine.

                  • I'm sorry, but you understand I have to do this...

                    Alt text

                    • Sorry for what? I take pride in my walls of text, I am a very famous mason

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                        Thing is, the military being split up could be a combination of multiple things, as mentioned above, there'd be the obvious deserters and splinter-groups and the like, but also remember that basically every American owns a firearm, and some stock up on weapons because they're paranoid of a situation like this. If those people were put under Martial Law then they'd put up a bloody fight. And that'd cause more to come back as walkers too, which would cause more deaths.

                • Bombs have to be manufactured. Armies have limited stockpiles of munitions and most importantly fuel. The whole global system is set up on an "Arrive when it's needed" basis, leaving little room for error.
                  Most important and most fragile cog is people. Military relies on people to do their jobs. Mass desertions from all sectors of logistical support (ie the people who make the bullets and bombs, the people who fix the machines and the dinners etc) means military can't function.
                  If it wasn't stopped fast, and it was everywhere at once? CHINAS military couldn't contain it, let alone US.

            • Problem is all that big green (or tan) killpower didn't add up too much against a bunch of illiterate savages in the Afghan, where we had all the advantages.
              The army looks mighty impressive, I'll give you that, but if the so called "most powerful army in the history of man" can't beat a bunch of insurgents, I can't see it doing that well against an enemy that's everywhere at once and increases it's numbers exponentially.
              I'm not really overawed by military tech. As impressive as it is on paper.

      • Once the chain of command gets broken, large amounts of soldiers start deserting, and supplies for the soldiers who stayed start to run low...I say things could get fucked up pretty fast.

        • Human nature would need to be accounted for along with what's already been mentioned. Zombie apocalypse with your best friends dying, reanimating, what's bound to happen? People likely desert, panic etc.

  • Kim kardarsian, Miley Cyrus,justin Bieber and kanye west are superstars over there so stupid enough. have biggest obesity problem in the world so couldnt run away couldnt even defeat iraq who fight with sticks and stones you would be surprised

    • We are stupid? You cant even spell enough right....

      • Way to edit your post

      • Don't you just love it when people hate on us Americans, when their country probably hasn't done shit to stop terrorism.

        • I don't hate America or Americans but come on , stopping terrorism ? that's some government bullshit .

        • Many people from different countries hate, or rather dislike Americans mainly because they see terrorists round ever corner. However it isn't just that. It's their egos, ignorance, low intelligence, their belief that they invented everything, think they are bigger and better than any other country, their lack of acceptance for the gay population or any minority group, arrogance, brain washing culture, lack of respect for any other religion, colour or creed, the American corrupt political system, outrageous gun laws, money orientated, materialistic, poor education, poor health system, out of control crime, violence, gangs, drugs and murders. Need I go on? These are not just my opinions either. This is what many, many people think that live outside your supposed fantastic country.

          Now I realise that there are some decent Americans out there, but on the whole they are very few and far between. I know many like to believe that everyone wants to live in America. Hate to burst your bubble, but you couldn't pay me to live there.
          You state that you love it when people hate on 'us' Americans. Didn't you ever stop and think why? America needs a serious image overhaul.

          • "This is what many, many people think that live outside you supposed fantastic country." Ever notice how the large majority of people who live here/move here love it? Weird how that works. Envy is a powerful thing!

            In any case your idiotic rants made me chuckle, a lot actually. So thank you for being so openly stupid.

            • Way to prove his point buddie!

            • So...Viva... to sum up everything that you just about/to Snakecharmer...

              "In my personal experience I think that most people who move to america love it here."

              "Therefore whatever snakecharm said must be totally invalid because he must be envious of my superior and surely happier way of life, and surely not angry over american foreign policy over the last 50 years."

              "You are an idiot"

              "Just because you are angry means you argument is also invalid (even though I am calling you an idiot and later stupid)" (you dissed him by calling his arguement a "rant" because he wrote it rather angrily. Anger doesn't make peoples arguments less valid, only less understandable. Knowing this is important, sometimes people can be absurdly angry but still have valid points)

              "Your arguements make me laugh"

              "You are stupid"

              Viva, I believe you become a pretty mean and personally vindictive (you target the individual of your ire and call them names instead of addressing their points) person to people that get mad at your country's government and the decisions it makes.

              No government is perfect, and a lot of a societies flaws/problems stem from it's government. It's my personal opinion that Australia and America have it easier than European countries in terms of external threats to society, but have less effective governments than European countries (overall). I am Australian BTW. Picture relevant:

              Alt text

              • Lets get back to talking about the military getting overrun perhaps?

              • Ouch that is a lot to read and I've got meal plans with a close old friend. I'll just say this, blanket statements covering most of American's population and painting them as terrible people? Horrible accusations. Is our country flawed, sure is, there are a lot of social changes that need to happen and they seem to be happening pretty rapidly. American citizens are among the most giving people in the world. Talking bad about are social structure, political system, etc is one think but such slanderous statements about our people is unjustified. Gotta go!

            • My point is man, even if a person is being mean, you should reason with them. I can tell that Snake has some good points, and I can also tell that he wrote his post while angry, therefore he is bound to write some things that someone is bound to find offensive.

            • Just to get some facts: in 2012 12.803 germans emigrated to the US. In the same year 10.116 came back from America to Germany. It is not a land of milk and honey over there.

          • It is really sad, but yes you are right. It is exactly the picture of the US you get here in europe. I agree with all other but that there are only a few decent Americans. No way. It is the political system ( no public health care, poverty, guns everywhere, heavy lobbying, death penalty ( in a democratic country you don't kill people) and the social circumstances that are flawed, not the people. There are decent and bad people all over the world.

            • Indeed, snake was a little cruel there, but besides what he said about most Americans being bad people, he has some really good points.

              • to judge the citizens of a country based on their government is ignorant. Ill openly admit I figured out our government was corrupt when I was like 8 but to hate on us as a whole is just plain stupid. I havnt met a single person who hasn't said our government wasn't corrupt, and I'll admit I hate it myself how our country believes we are number one and shits out rainbows but that's just how the media (the most corrupt piece of shit out there) portrays us to the rest of the world so I can see why you would "hate America" but come on, to hate on Americans as a whole is just ignorant and plain stupid. That would be like me hating every citizen in Iraq and Iran cause I think that they are all a bunch of terrorists. A lot of us have an open mind its just we have no political power to do anything about it and like most civilians of most countries we just have to deal with it and let our governments spread ignorance to each other. We're all humans so why hate on each other cause we have a different way of thinking? ehh my rants over so if you still want to hate on us you can continue being part of the problem of why there's so much hate in this world and not the solution.

          • What is your problem? What Utopian country do you come from that lets you generalize an entire population where you have never set a foot in? This is supposed to be a thread to analyze a videogame plot not your childish superiority complexes. Sometimes I wish people would realize the amount of ignorance and hate they vomit into this world.

        • I think that people hate americans because their goverment is hiding many things and now there is that Edward snowden and nsa situation. Also snakecharmerofborg´s reasons are pretty good.

          • Yeah but then hate our government, not our citizens! Hell I hate my government, any government actually. Power for anybody leads to corruption cause no matter how much power you have there's always somebody who has more power than you that ultimately makes your decisions for you. That's just a sad fact of life. It also doesn't help that we change our President every 4 years, so lets say President X causes 10 years of damage, how the fuck is President Y supposed to fix it in the 4-8 years he's in office. Especially when our government cant agree on shit just because "Oh no he's a republican that makes a decent point? I must disagree with him for the sole fact that I'm a Democrat" or vice versa.

            • I don't hate your country, but there are things I and other people don't like, like that nsa spying thing. America itself is beautiful country and I also have some american relatives n there.

              • Trust me are citizens aren't happy about the nsa thing either. Like I said our government is a piece of shit. We have the illusion of freedom when we are forced to sign up for this piece of shit Obama care program. Some of us are poor and don't need another mother fucking bill.

        • Please tell me more about how the US has prevented the Israeli and Palestinian terrorists in the West Bank.

          • Ok Flog61 I get it America bad and I should hate myself because I live here. Happy?

            • Dude, you were the one saying other countries are worse than America because they haven't tried to stop terrorism (which isn't even remotely true anyway).

              You shouldn't hate yourself for living there, you should judge the quality of your country with your own mind. However, stating incorrect facts to support your argument isn't really going to help to remove the American arrogance myth, is it?

              • Ok that comment came from a combination of laziness of explaining myself and some partial ignorance. I just know if I ever travel to Europe im saying im Canadian as much as you guys over there seem to hate us so much. We're already (?)trillion dollars in debt what more do you want us to do? Lol and for a country that's barely over 300 years old that's sad. But I believe in pride in ones self not in ones country. Judging somebody by where they live is the same as judging somebody by the color of their skin and really we americans are just former Europeans.

                • If you believe pride comes in one's self not one country, which I wholeheartedly agree with, then why on Earth were you heralding America's 'achievements'?

                  Also, as a side note, judging someone on where they live is not like judging someone of their race, sex or sexuality. You can move country, but you can't become 'un-asian' or 'un-gay'.

                  • It really pretty much is the same. If you don't think so then hating sombebody because where they just happened to be born is just as ignorant as hating somebody based on what they were born as. Im tired of this discussion and I regret commenting on it. im here to talk about The walking dead not why everybody hates us americans based on what our dumbass government has done in the past, present, and future. News flash your country isn't perfect and you don't shit out rainbows full of gold so get over yourself.

                    • I never said my country was perfect, nor that it was better than America.

                      Nor did I say I don't live in america.

                      However, you CAN EASILY move to another country if you dislike the one you're born in. You CAN'T EASILY change the sexuality, race or sex that you were born with.

                      • Well I don't hate where I live I just hate how things are run. And honestly I don't want to move any where else cause the minute I say Im from America, just might be the words that lead to my downfall. I see it all the time and wish people were not so stupid. I live with racism everyday already (well since im white its for some reason called "reverse racism" here in america) cause I live in Houston and the Hispanics around where I live think I don't know what blanco or gringo means when they are clearly talking shit about me in their native language. I wish more people were like me and didn't see race but its hard not to when your the one singled out by another race, basically I gotta live with being hated for who I just happened to be born as whether its for being white or whether its for being American apparently. Im not racist I hate humans as a whole.

                        • Be thankful that you're just suffering from light verbal discrimination.

                          In lots of countries in the world you can be killed for being gay.

                          • Yeah im thankful its only verbal. it just gets uncomfortable. Also in America if you're white and decide to defend your self you better pray to whatever god you believe in that whoever you hit is also white other wise it becomes ww5 and they turn it into a big ass racial debate. one of my friends in middle school was getting jumped by 3 African americans and when he hit one back he was expelled, and they got off scot free. So whenever I go to the store down the street from my house I hate when they give me the dirty looks and talk shit about me cause im white, (not realizing all my friends are Hispanic so like I don't know what they are saying) and I just have to hope it doesn't get violent cause I know id be made out to be the bad guy...... damn you guys have a point, fuck America! lol jk. it was nice to rant though haha

                      • There is one race, that is humanity, the rest are just genetics.

                        • SirFruitcakes, if that is your real name, I wish more people saw it that way. Sadly people still judge each other over petty shit like where you live or what color your skin is. Like Steven Colbert always says I don't see race.

    • In fictional world of course

    • You'd be surprised, at least here, where I live, you don't see many obese people... You see one or two, and that's about it.

    • came back today seeing the comments only joke love america apologize to anyone taking post seriously

    • all this hate towards other countries...can't we all just get along?

      Though maybe I have no right to say that, since I am German, haha.

      • We can all get along , but the problem is not in us , the problem is in those greedy leaders who don't give a shit about their people and want more power and authority .

    • Wow white supremacist, your just mad because Obama is our president aren't you?

  • Generally I think TWD is more believable than most zombie stories due to the "everyone turns" thing, since it would mean massive amounts of walkers very quickly, and the fact that it would be treated like a medical thing first no doubt added to the weak initial response. Add to that the widespread unreast, confusion and chaos, as well as unwillingness to fire upon their own citizens and I think it is somewhat believable, even if it is stretching it.

    • Like the fall of any organised military response in the Kirkman apocalypse it would come down to many reasons playing together:

      1. Problems within the military itself: Interruptions in the chain of Command and Desertions. Desertions: A lot of military personnel and equipment would go missing as people deserted to try to find and save their loved ones. This isn't a criticism of anyone's army: it's just human nature. Due to the scope of the apocalypse (a lot of people die every day without Walkers), everywhere would be on fire at once. I doubt I could stand by and man a fence while my loved ones were out there in danger of being eaten, killed by bandits or god knows what. Combine this for the potential of the Chain of command to be interrupted or broken as vital areas were overrun by walkers.
      2. Lack of knowledge of how the infection spreads, how bites work, and how to kill walkers properly would have played a massive role in the overrun of the military as medical centers within safe zones become overrun with walkers extremely quickly.
      3. Outbreaks from within safe zones as described above. In that kind of panic with walkers mixed with survivors, it is really hard to contain that kind of mini outbreak, especially if you forces are trying to deal with the many other potential crisis' at the time.
      4. Slow government response: the government and military forces wouldn't escalate their response until it was too late. Generally you have to know what is happening first to respond to it correctly, and it would already be a few days in before they realized the correct response was something akin to: evacuate everyone from everywhere at once.
      • Actually, I think it was because the governments response was just bad: as seen when Rick and Shane were in the hospital, the military was running around shooting everyone who they thought was infected, wearing gasmasks and NOT SHOOTING THEM IN THE HEAD. Basically the military was running off really bad data given to them by the government, and got fucked over by the apocalypse as the result.

  • At first nobody thought it would be as bad as it is. Everyone thought it was just a virus that kills you. And I can guarantee that nobody in the U.S army would instantly shoot the first 'Zombies' in the head. They would try to get medicine for the disease, not just shoot them in the face.

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    Antero BANNED

    In the first few episodes of the TV series you see the military killing citizens and also bombing and dropping napalm on cities. Maybe at some point they even started killing each other or committing mass suicide like the scientists at the CDC. Having lots of guns doesnt help much if they dont know they have toshoot the brain or that anyone who dies also comes back.

  • They were hit unprepared and ill-experienced. I think American police are trained to aim for chest shots, not head.

    Plus, Mark said "The first few days it spread so fast."

  • When you die, you turn not just when your bitten. There are about 150k deaths every day + added chaos in the world where people don't really know what it is. Within 2 weeks of the outbreak there are already 2million confirmed deaths = maybe 2 million zombies if there not killed.

  • Everyone who dies turns. Take the normal death toll, and then add to whatever deaths by suicide, panic, or murder would have happened in the first few days. Yeah, that's how the military got overrun.

  • I imagine the response to the crisis was delayed, to the point where there was already wide scale panic and infrastructure was breaking down. By the time they called in the armed forces, I would imagine that almost none of the enlisted men would report for duty that day, leaving them only with staff that were living on base at that point. Its also very possible there would be widespread desertion amongst those that were living on base to try and take care of their families. The army's objectives would likely to be securing safe zones for civilians to evacuate to, rather than saving families one at a time, which probably wouldnt be satisfactory for individual soldiers. Then theres the whole thing about the safe zones being overrun from the inside out because of people that were bitten and injured people dying

    • You basically wrote everything that I wanted to in much less words than I was going to use. Add Zyphon's above comment to yours and it's a complete picture of how the worlds militaries' would fall to the Walker apocalypse.

  • I prefer to think the U.S. military has established several strongholds somewhere on the continent. The characters (both in the comic book and the game) just haven't had the good luck of finding any of them yet.

    • Could very well be, I'd imagine some would be groups of raiders, while some of the more loyal ones might even have secured part of the government underground (while shutting out everyone else of course.)

      • Its clearly hinted in the tv show at least. Choppers appears in several episodes, one crashed in the season Woodbury was introduced. Some random stuff on radios. Governor even takes out a few of US military personal in one episode.

    • Yeah, just because the army didn't stop the apocalypse doesn't necessarily mean that the entire army is dead or scattered into small groups.

      I'm guessing an army led/run community or small group, or at least one with a large proportion of military personnel in it will show up in Clementine's or Rick's story at some point, now that a lot of stable (experienced/well led/well equipped/lucky) groups are forming in the two year stage of the apocalypse and having to interact with/deal with each other. (I mean that with the number of diverse groups showing up, a more heavily army influenced one in bound to show up.)

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