• Room 207 was possibly rented long term, according to Beauty

    Faith's cubby at the Pudding n' Pie was searched.

    • Lily was Woody's regular girl, but she asked Faith to switch with her. Faith ended up being murdered that night.
    • Do we know when that note was written? Holly and Grendel mention that they reported Lily's disappearance weeks ago, which would mean that she was already missing on the night that Faith was murdered.

      • Well, if you interrogate Woody, he says that on the night that Faith was killed he had been expecting Lily as usual, but Faith showed up instead. He admits that it made him angry, but still claims that he didn't kill her.

        Then we have the note asking Faith to switch. Perhaps the note was about something else, but we know that Woody was expecting Lily that night. Not Faith.

  • The money you gave Faith is in Georgie's Safe.

    • Not true, I chose not to give her money, and the money in the safe was still present.

      • Really? I was just going to say, that besides being the same amount, who's to say the money in the safe is the same that Bigsby gave to Faith...? ( But I suppose he could just smell it and know.)

        I wonder... If you were somebody who chose to pocket Dee's wad of cash during the interrogation in the beginning, is the roll of cash still there in the floor safe at the end, as well? I could've sworn I chose to take the money, but I know I replayed that scene a few times... If you grab the cash, does it stay in your inventory the entire episode, like the Matchbook or Cash would in the 1st Episode if you opted to not give them from Faith?

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    Did Telltale tease That Bigby Could be involved somehow? I don't see how he could but its something that came to mind, When they Said " I thought you were the only one who smokes that" I just thought about it for a second but the only way this could be is if Bigby has some kind of split personality Which is a longshot

    • Seems unlikely that Bigby would be the killer, although that might be brought up later as evidence by someone wanting to make it look like he is. I wouldn't take Beauty's comment as being the literal truth--why would a cigarette company make a brand just for a single customer? But it does sound like this might be a particularly rare brand that not many people smoke. So if you can figure out who else in Fabletown smokes Huff n Puffs, that could significantly narrow down the suspect list. I don't think Crane likes them, so they're probably not his.

  • I think that whoever the murderer is, wanted to frame Crane, because I don't think Crane would have taken a picture like that with Lily and left it there, with the other photos of Snow.

  • The Person who dumped the Body in the Water could be Hans. Someone laughed at him because he may have done it wrong since he seems to have a clumsy Gesticulation. Or he does it so easily at command or for some minor cash. And therefore he respond with 'Don't laugh at me'. To defend himself a bit.

  • There are certainly compelling arguments to be made for the Red Haired Man being involved and that the killer might be trying to frame Crane, but for now, I think both of those theories still fall under the category of conjecture.

  • Was I the only one who thought Beauty was being a little too helpful during the hotel room investigation?

    • Not to me. I think that's part of the gameplay design so that players can be sure they're on the right track when they answer the right questions. Not unlike when you interrogate Toad the first time, and you see that two of the dialogue options are questions and one's an assertion. The game tries to lead you to make the right choice if you're not sure yourself, so you can get the most out of the story anyway.

      • Fair enough. She just seemed... a little suspicious to me is all. Like when she first came in and said "This is what must have happened!" or whatever. I could be wrong, but it is something I have to keep in mind. Can't really think of any motive, though.

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