The Wolf Among Us Episode 2 Locking Up My Xbox 360 (Moved to Support)

So, a couple hours ago after the whole episode 2 Season Pass debacle was remedied, I put in my code from Xbox to download the Episode that they gave me for screwing up the whole installing the episode for those who had gotten the season previously. So I put that in, the episode is now downloaded and installed and ready to play but when I start the episode and it's loading it with the black screen and the icon is on the bottom right hand corner of the screen it kind of stutters and then after about 15 seconds of that it finally locks up my whole console and I have to turn off my Xbox and restart it. It locks up at the exact same time every time I try it. I've tried it 5 or more times now in the last 2 or 3 hours that I have downloaded and installed the episode. I also cleared my system cache just in case that was it and that didn't work obviously, and also I can't just re-download the episode because if I delete it I'll have to buy the actual episode as there is no option in the Xbox marketplace to re-download it for free without buying the single episode unless maybe I can in the actual game menu marketplace but I doubt it.

Has anyone else had this problem? Please let me know. I was disappointed that I couldn't play it the first day because of the whole season pass mess and I was excited to hear it had finally been resolved but now I still can't play it. :(


  • Same thing is happening to me. I just want to play. :(

  • What xbox do you use?? I have the E, and had some lag issues but no locking up.

  • I just have the regular white Xbox and it works fine. The first episode for The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead episodes all played fine for the most part, with no freezing or anything besides a few lag issues, but I heard other people had the same issues so nothing too different from other peoples experiences with both games to my knowledge.

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    Alright, so I just decided to buy the episode individually from the store and delete the original download from the code that Xbox sent me and download it again and see if that worked...unfortunately it did not. sighs

    It does the same thing almost but this time the icon on the lower right hand corner goes away and it goes to the black screen like its about to start but never console doesn't completely lock up this time until I push the Xbox Guide button and I hear the sound of the notification of the guide coming up but it never does and then my console completely locks up after that.

    Well, I'm fearing The Wolf Among Us might be a lost cause for me. I was loving it and couldn't wait for the upcoming episodes and it was shaping up to be maybe just as good as The Walking Dead. I'm still holding out hope for a fix because I still love the game and want to play the other episodes but I'm not 100% convinced there will be a fix. I could just watch a playthrough of episode 2 and then play episode 3 but 1) I want the experience to be my own and 2) the whole idea is to play the game yourself and make the choices yourself and have an amazing experience that way just like The Walking Dead was and has been.

  • The exact same thing is happening to me. I just replayed episode 1 last weekend with no issues, so I know it's not my console that's the problem. Has anyone found a solution yet?

  • I had a blank screen for a long time before the game itself automatically running the "previously in ep1 sequences (man its slow like slides)...

    the game it self in ep2 is also very lagging/locking...

    hope TTG will do better for next episode, and do better for TWD Season 2 EP2--hey I bought season pass for that one as well...don't screw me, OK?

  • i have a problem with my PS3. when i bought the season pass (Today) it didnt register as downloaded and now i just wasted a good 20ish dollars. can anyone help?

  • Well if it's anything like the crap the 360 season pass holders just went through, you might need to call PS3's customer support. I don't have a PS3 at the moment, but does it have something where you can redownload titles that you buy online like Xbox Live does?

  • That blank screen before and during the Episode 1 recap was where the game was just flat out freezing on me. After restarting the game a couple of times, I was finally prompted with a title update upon launching it. After the update the game didn't freeze anymore, but I had the same issue as you where there was a black screen during the recap. After that it would play part of the audio, then the scene would play as normal. This happened throughout the recap. I also experienced the same lagging/locking that you did through out game play, sometimes with the audio even spazzing out and getting stuck in a few spots. It reminded me of streaming a video online, where the video would stop playing and buffer constantly, which makes no sense in a game that is completely downloaded/installed. I know some lag is to be expected, but what was happening was pretty distracting from the gameplay.

    I hope episode 3 is better.

  • Yes i can. but thats not the problem. the purchase is registered it says "The wolf among us season pass" but it wont download....I think a call to customer support is needed

  • Same issue with me on xbox360.
    Bought a season pass, entered the code from MS yesterday.
    Have tried to start it up three times. Occasionally I get a bit of audio but mostly black screen of death.

  • Same thing happening with me- got the Xbox season pass, got the code for Episode 2, downloaded it, started Wolf, it downloaded an update... now when I press Start it gives me the black screen of death, and then it does that loading logo on the bottom right for a bit then it goes away, and nothing happens

    this is all rubbish telltale! fix it!

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    I am also experiencing this problem. Deleted episode 1 and episode 2, deleted cache. and re-downloaded both. As soon as I press play for episode 2, it locks up my XBOX on the loading screen.

    I contacted XBOX support and was told to contact Telltale directly and that many players have been experiencing this problem within the last 2-3 weeks, and it should be 1 month approximately to have it fixed. So, that gives us about 1 more week from today to have this problem resolved.

    Can anyone from Telltale provide an update on what's happening please? I paid for a season pass and would love to play this game.

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    Can you please clarify what Xbox model you are currently using, how big the hard drive is, and if you are using an external storage device, or internal?

  • XBOX 360 slim, 320GB HDD, internal

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    It sounds like your save file may be corrupted. I recommend deleting your saves from your console, as well as delete the game and any associated files from your console. Then re-download and install a fresh copy of the game, and make sure you are connected to the internet when starting the game for the first time to make sure you are receiving the Title Update for the game. You should then be able to download Episode 2, and play through both of the episodes. I apologize for any inconvenience you have experienced by this.

  • This has just happened to me, and the same thing happened when i played the walking dead season 1. You think they would have fixed this by now, bet the same thing happens in there other games like GOT and walking dead season 2. I have to delete everything and start again. I was on ep 3 that is like 3-5 hours there. Ruins the game for me.

  • Okay so i got rid of everything to do with the WAU on my xbox, then downloaded Ep1 and the season pass again went onto the game to download the rest of the eps but i get to the press start screen then after that it goes black and i have to switch of my xbox. So what do i need to do to play this game i payed for.

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    I apologize for the inconvenience. Please try starting the game again now, and see if you are able to successfully start the game without reaching a black screen.

    If you are still unable, please try Clearing your System's Cache. Then restart the game while connected to the internet, and make sure to download the latest Title Update, and you should then be able to play the game successfully.

  • I had am issue where xbox would freeze on "next on episode " I would start hearing voice and after first cutscreen it would freeze. I found that pausing the game will help it load up properly and after initial wait for the pause then resume it would run fine

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    I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for posting the extra information, I will make sure to pass it along to the team!

  • I also had the same problem today when I tried to play episode 3 for the first time. The game would freeze and go black at the start screen.

    By default the Xbox will download the game file to the 4 GB internal memory if you have enough space. I fixed the problem by clearing the system's cache and moving the Episode 3 game file to where the other two episodes of the game were. The game started right up without any problems. Just make sure all the game files are on the same storage device. I hope this helps someone.

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    Thank you for providing the information on how you were able to resolve the issue. I will make sure to pass it along to the team. I hope you enjoy the game!

  • Hope it helps. Great game.

  • Has anyone found a solution to this yet. I loved episode 1 and just bought episode 2. It freezes my entire xbox upon loading. I cleared my cache, manually deleted all content. Re-downloaded everything and it still doesn't work. I do not have a season pass, but have been buying by episode. It will not work even if I try to load from an empty save file. This is terrible and it appears like there are alot of people having this problem. Why is telltale still selling this game on xbox. (also I have an xbox 360 with plenty of storage space) my confidence is lost in telltale. If this issue can't be fixed I will never buy another product.

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    Can you please clarify if the Xbox freezes to a black/blank screen when starting Episode 2? If you reach the frozen black screen, are you still able to press the Xbox Button in the middle of your controller and access the Xbox Dashboard?

  • I hate that I essentially can't play the game I paid for. It's super annoying. I love telltale stuff. It sucks that it's suddenly not working.

  • Well the exact same thing is happening to me, and nothing is working. I have the same model and hdd as Argyle.

    I cannot believe this problem hasn't been solved and it's be been almost a year!!!! what's the problem seriously?! Do you people give an actual f**k about your players?

    If you're not going to fix this problem, GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK.

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    Did you solve this? Can you help me?

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