• I think bandits raided the camp and then everyone left scattered, David, Travis and Ben were one of the few little groups that scattered and Ben maybe figured a few others had made it.

    Honestly I wish they'd left Ben with the whole "I did it to keep them off our backs" While he's still kind of a traitor he still has his reasons for the good of the group. However maybe they thought with that route Ben couldnt really have a reason for not telling the others on the RV, if there was a good reason for it

    • I agree I wish they didn't went with the friend thing. But Ben is a scaredy-cat I don't think he would tell the group if he did give the bandits the drugs to keep them from the group.

      It seems that its cannon that David or Travis is left alone in the woods. But surround by zombies they wouldn't get away. but if it was the scattered groups, it would most likely be other schools as well, not just the one that Ben is from. But since the writers of the series would change the story plot a little with each episode this story was drop all together, maybe cause they wanted to move things along.

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    I've always wondered the same, It feels like just another excuse/lie from Ben since it doesn't make that much sense, He wouldn't just believe anyone that told him they had his friend or someone he knew so they would have to prove its true, So what did they do guess the name of one of his buddies? Im lost

  • Good question OP. As far as I can remember, the game never elaborates on this. I don't remember Ben telling anybody else that story besides Lee either...which was pretty dumb because I think the group would've been more understanding had they known that.

  • Is this a thread about what ben is talking about? i mean really? this is ben we are talking about. When people ask me "Hey man what is your most hated antagonist in the walking dead?" i say ben. An all around moron

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    • TheZascaLivesOn - I said that that I realise not everyone is a fan of Ben, nor did I stated that I was a fan of Ben's character. I simply ask about the story plot hole, the storylines I enjoy most in a video game/ series, I really hate when things don't make sense.

      If you hate Ben then by all means hate him, he did a lot of stupid things no one said he didn't, I was just asking about the story hole this isn't fan forum for the people who do like Ben. Please relax

  • In Ben's unused audio files he states a lot of his classmates got tortured to death in front of him by bandits. There's a reason why Ben seems down all the time, he's been through some heavy shit. But yeah more or less bandits killed, captured (then tortured and killed), or drove off everyone else in his class. The bandits pressured Ben into giving them the supplies by saying they would kill Ben's friend then everyone at the motor inn if he didn't. He did it to try to protect people, but he fucked up bad and got people killed by accident.

    He's a good person at heart who lacks bravery, and makes terrible decisions. If you have any shred of compassion you would pity him. I still can't believe some people dropped a 17 year old off a watchtower because he made some bad mistakes.

  • Why keep his friend when he would require food and medicine that the bandits want to receive surely threat of killing them all were enough and plus they could easily overpower the camp and take majority of stock everytime so why use teenage boy newcomer to the group who people would obviously not trust and would be to scared to take any good without being noticed

  • Maybe he was lying. "I wanted to save my friend" sounds a lot more noble than "I didn't want them to kill me", even if the latter is more realistic and agreeable.

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