• you know,it would be more interesting if the one who glamoured as snow is actually a male

  • Who says it was Crane? Might as well have been someone glamoured as Crane to post for the picture to frame him.

    • doesn't make sense,he could've just try to explain it to bigby and snow if it's someone glamoured as him,instead of breaking magic mirror and run away,and speaking about the mirror,why does he only monitoring this specific investigation anyway?

      • crane is paranoid and a coward,

        oh and if you were in 'cranes' shoes, would you REALLY go explain it to bigby who has just proved he has a short temper ?

        as for the mirror well it can tell people stuff right ? so if say anyone else wanted to know what he'd done/was doing it would tell them assuming it wasn't magic blocked.

    • Gee, seems that right now that everyone could glamour anyone at this point, it's a goddamn glamourception.

      • I don't think they'll use the "Oh it was just a glamour" thing too many more times in the series, if they're smart. Once or twice and it's interesting. But if every time we turn around someone else is like "Haha! I'm not who you think I am!" then it gets kinda old.

        My gut feeling as of now is that it was really Crane in the pic, and that it was probably also really him driving off in the car in the preview of episode 3. I think that he's scared because now that his dirty little secret is out, he's obviously a suspect. Plus he looks like a total creeper now. :p

  • Truth is in the title "smoke & mirrors"

    I'm a little taken back actually by episode 2... I wouldn't say I was disappointed just left sort of feeling "meh" now...and I think I'm not going to bother getting them by episode until they are all released.

    A lot of the time when I was making choices I felt like I had to pick the best choices because it's clearly going to reflect after everything is over...lol

  • Needless to say that wasn't an imagine I needed seared into my mind. Hat's off to the writing team (and animation team in a disturbing way). It was very evident in Episode 1 that Crane likely enjoyed some degree of sexual...eccentricity (i.e. see Snow's phone call to the "Masseuse" about an excessive invoice...), but I honestly couldn't fathom a magically provided roleplay fetish of that magnitude, especially with Snow whom I honestly believed he disliked for her genuine compassion for "lesser" Fables.

    Apparently his antagonism towards her had more to do with, much like Katrina in his Homelands story, the fact that Snow would never be with him romantically or intimately. I suppose "alone time" or the Masseuse just wasn't enough anymore. Regardless, I don't believe he was responsible for Lily's brutal death, though I do believe the photos may have been intended as some form of blackmail. But, that's a whole other thread/topic...

  • Like others have said before, we don't know that it was Crane proper; it could be and is probably even more likely to be a "glamored" Crane. This shape-shifting conceit is really laughable. I don't know if it was this way in the comics, but what a ridiculous world to put a detective in. Bigby himself may well be a glamored dwarf (5th episode reveal).

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