• I agree, there's no reason to make the games canon, exept to atract the TWD and TWAU fanbase.

    • I think it would attract their fanbase even if it weren't part of the same continuity. The TV series of The Walking Dead had no problem getting the comic fans on board infact i think the TV show is more popular than the comics now.

  • It's more fun if they're canon. I like realising that Lee and Clem are out there when reading TWD comic and vice versa with Rick and Carl when playing the game. It makes the universe they take place in bigger than just those characters we know

    • This.

      I want the worlds I already know to be built upon. I don't want some "elseworld" crap. I wouldn't even be playing TWAU if it wasn't linked to the comic. Same goes for the Game of Thrones game they are working on.

      • @Prince_Charming

        Really? Because I'm sure after/if they make a Fables movie or TV show that will be based on the comics but will have its own continuity and after that someone most likely will make a game in its own universe than after that i think the movie or tv show and the video game may become more popular than the comics like how the Walking Dead TV show has become more popular than the Walking Dead comics.

        Really making a Fable AAA RPG like game in its own universe is i think great for the Fable franchise and the comics will always be their.

    • But you would know that anyway even if its not canon difference being is that you would have a chance of meeting them may even join their group. I find it unfair that comics and TV both gets their own continuity but video games gets treated like a lesser medium.

      You also said that it makes the universe bigger and i strongly disagree because or low they are their you will never meet them and the choices you make in-game won't affect them so really they might as well not even be their.

      • The fact that the game is being used as canon means that it isn't being viewed as a lesser medium. It's viewed important enough to be part of the comic's canon. And if you feel so strongly about this just don't play these games. You already said you prefer RPGs, so it seems adventure games are not your thing.

      • I admit it'd be great to add Glenn, Hershel and others into the group but I'm unsure if this is the game for it. It makes the universe bigger in that we see hints about them but we don't meet them. It'd be brilliant to see Lee meet Rick, compare their personalities and leadership roles but I like the stories being separate and canon

  • I think it's fine.The games being spin-offs,i mean.Why do they really need to make an original story?I mean,the games are pretty original themselves,but,you know...

    • I really like the games to be more RPG you know like Mass Effect but you can't since the devs constantly have to build their story from a comic. So your choices in The Wolf Among us does not matter. I would like to play throw the hole of Bigby's life and make choices that may change the events of the comics.

      • Yeah,i know.Me,too.Sometimes...Sometimes it would just make more sense if they made their own universe.Then,we could tailor Bigby's personality and life...

      • So basically, you don't want to play as Big by, but a new character. If you don't like adaptations, don't play them and these aren't RPGs. And our choices in the Wolf Among Us do matter, there are plenty of characters in the game who do not know what their fate will be.

        • Yes i want to play as Bigby i said that in my comment and the choices don't really matter because it will always come down to the same thing.

          • Making an RPG for the Fables universe really shouldn't be made because I don't think any studio that would handle it would do the characters justice. TellTale's style of game design makes everyone happy.

            • Really? because i think their are some out their who can. Before The Walking Dead game not many people thought highly of Telltale but they proved them all wrong.

              • But then there is the issue of good games devs already working on projects, and the fact is TellTale takes so much less risk because of the type of game they make. I myself love RPGs but I don't see a good one coming out of the Fables universe unless you can make your own Fable.

                • Bigby i think should be the main protagonist but we just get to make choices and have Bigby say and do things that may change the events of the comics but will still use the story arcs from the comics. This way we may wind up killing someone who didn't die in the comics or save someone who actually died in the comics.

                  For example would it not be cool to see what happens if Bigby found and saved Therese this way Darien won't need to die or see what happens if Bigby failed to protect Ghost from North Wind?

  • I think it's fine that they're canon. I don't really see the problem, and in fact, I kind of like it in some situations. For example, Shawn's death in Telltale's. Sure, we weren't able to prevent it because he was supposed to die, but it was still pretty cool that we finally got to know what happened to him.

    • We already know what happened to him in the comics he died. I think it would have been better if we could save him and it would be interesting to see how that changes the story.

      • Okay, bad example. But what about if Vince really does turn out to be Glenn's brother(we know that Glenn was involved in some semi-shady things in the comics when he tells Rick he knows how to hotwire a car), that would be pretty cool for it to be canon. Also, since Telltale has promised more crossovers, we might get more cool things like Glenn and Hershel. Personally, I think it's great that they're building on the world, but I do see your point. I would've liked Glenn to stay, or at least had the option. Still, at the moment, I think I prefer them being canon.

  • Telltale is combining its stuff with other universes. They have to remain within said-universe because they don't own it, and to make things change a part of the future of the universe would restrict the original author. I think it would be interesting seeing TellTale have their own world, but It would bring less newer players because I'm sure TWD comic and tv series fans who loved the game would be likely to play other TellTale products. Make something original, and the success depends on either you or the quality. Make something a part of some other larger thing, and it's success depends more on publicity of the series being used as a source.

    • Yeah that's a good idea.

      Just look at Rocksteady studios (The devs who made the Batman games) They could have just made their game a spin-off to the comics New 52 universe but they didn't they made their own universe and continuity and those games turned out great.

  • That would miss the point of these stories and the reason these games are made at all. After, what's great about The Wolf Among Us is that expands the Fables universe. You are also wrong about them not being able to do more seasons, after all the Fables have been around for centuries, there would be plenty to work with and they have other Fables they can Focus.

    Besides, if it wasn't in continuity, the game wouldn't have been made at all.

  • absolutely no,I don't want a story that will ruin an existing lore,if you want that kind of stuff I suggest browse fanfiction.net instead,but I'm fine if telltale making a completely different story if it's from their own original lore creation though,not based on any existing one

    • Look at the Batman Arkham games their not part of the New 52 canon yet they are possibly the most successful comic book games ever and they didn't ruin the Batman lore.

      • Arkham Asylum was released a year before the New 52 continuity so making it's sequel in that continuity would have been making it a completely new series. DC has no problem with multiple continuities running at the same time in different mediums, it's actually expected and the audience already knows it. No one went into the movies expecting them to be faithful at all to the comics or to each of the million cartoons expecting them to be at all connected.

        Preserving continuity with the source material is also probably part of the licensing deals for TellTale since both The Walking Dead and Fables are creator owned properties.

        • Your right i didn't realize that. I should have said the pre-flashpoint universe.

          But that explains why they haven't but i still hope they do one day. Like i said before when HBO made The Walking Dead tv show in another continuity and now the TV show is more popular then the comics and i think the Video Games can do the same.

  • I think it's mainly because the TellTale staff like to work on things that they alrady know and love. In the Making of the Walking Dead game video they say that the comics were read by some members of the staff, and it provided them with a template. Same goes for Fables. I guess it's more to do with an established template and story that anything else. A totally new story/universe from TellTale could be great, but it's more effective and appealing in my opinion to have them build a game around an established story, so there's less time needed to explain the situation and is more relate-able to the player

  • Eventually they will run out of things to do that with so yeah Eventually they will make their own game not based on anything but their Imaginations

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