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Sarah's fate?

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Do you think anything would happen in ep2 that regard's her death? I mean tbh she's really not trained and like we've seen in the preview, everybody was going into some place (ofc carlos,sarah,and nick weren't there for some reason). Do you think something happens to her? or possibly leading to ep 3 because for some reason I think all the girls are kidnapped judging from the preview of clem and rebeca. Maybe sarah is with them or is killed or something.. But regardless of whatever it is.. I see her dying a really bad, harsh way. (maybe it'd be a way of TELLTALE telling us they're not afraid to kill off a girl.. or harm her LOL :()

also do you think the place they're going is a trap or something by carver? Or do the guys who stop them takes them in?

I would love to hear you guy's speculations on what happens to sarah and ep 2-3.

  • I think she will last at least until she freaks out about everything; then who knows

  • I think her and Luke will be the sole survivors of the cabin group at least until episode 4 or 5.

  • I think it is better from a narrative standpoint that Carlos die instead. Sarah can't really begin her character arc until he is out of the picture. Not to mention that Carlos isn't a very popular character. He's a judgmental douchebag, hates logic, and can't distinguish a dog's mouth from a human mouth.

    • That'd be a lot more interesting, but IF Sarah dies first, Clem is kind of fucked. Carlos will put all the blame on Clem and she'll be "removed" from the group, possibly by force. Carlos isn't much of a character, but he'd be a pretty realistic plot device in either scenario.

    • I hope neither dies right off the bat. Carlos made a dick move, but I'd still like a chance to see his character or relationship with Sarah explored more.

    • I actually think he can distinguish a human bite from a dog bite, it's just that seeing another kid like his daughter that's been injured simply pushed him further into his preferred isloation from whatever's going on in the outside world. So, any other time he'd probably have been professional and done his job, but he's (to me, anyway) apparently too fucked up by the fact that there are too many people to help, which exaggerates how helpless he feels in comparison, and now he just wants to shut it all out, especially for his daughter's sake.

    • Yeah, I don't really like Carlos. The guy hasn't got a proper grip on reality.

  • Hopefully her and her scumbag dad die soon, I really do not like the characters. It would be interesting if Carlos turned and she had to put him down

  • I'd like it if she sticks around for a while. She's an interesting foil to Clem and she's not really a personality type we've seen before in the series.

  • I hope she survives for quite a while. I don't mind Sarah really.

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