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How do I kick everyone out of my house? *I guess you know there are spoilers*

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Everyone is now in SB's house having a pwarty. How do I get em out?
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  • Well, it's a party. Everyone's just standing around. You want them to start moving, right?

    Subtle hint:
    Play some music and see what happens.
    Hint 2:
    The 4th music track will get everyone together for a conga line.
    Hint 3:
    While everyone's conga'ing, it's a good chance to look around where they were standing.
    Hint 4:
    You'll find a banana peel over by the pizza boxes.
    Hint 5:
    Banana peels + Conga Line = Hilarity!
    Hint 6:
    Where can you use the banana peel on the conga line that might reasonably get everyone out of your house?
    Last Hint:
    Use the recliner to redirect the conga line towards the window. Then use the banana peel on the line when they approach the window. Out they go!
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