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Kenny may have survived the alleyway

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U may not believe me but if u have the rooftop hole moment and when he goes down u hear 2 bullets, Kenny specificaly tells Lee once he takes the gun from the dead couple "This is got about 1 shot" about 1 bullet but in the building u hear 2 bullet shots so where this is going im saying the alley if u look there are windows so with one of the bullets shot Ben and second one to break the glass and escape this is what i believe what happened

  • Actually I only hear one shoot but after TT said "Kenn'y's fate will be explored" manny people (including me) took it as a hint of Kenny is alive or at least survive the alleyway/rooftop. In the rooftoop scene with Christa is prety obvious that he could have just run to another room of the building and found a way out from tehr eor something. From the alleyway, yes I really believed he was dead when it happened but after all the information released I beleve he killed Ben out of mercy and to kind off redem himself and then could have run between buildings or inside one from a window. My opinion on why kenny would do this but leave Lee to be (since he could have just shoot Ben and left). The group where he was gave him too manny bad memories that he didn't wanted with him, like the killing of his family, also Kenny had that image of someone who didn't cared about others and wanted to kill Ben, and problably he didn't wanted to be know as that guy... Also in some gameplyas (like in mine) his relationship with Lee was not good, so another thing pilling on. I'm guessing even if I didn't liked Kenny I kind off liked him at the same time and he felt the same way towards me, so taht's why I would like if he returns and I understand why he was sad to leave even if by his own choice ;) Kenny needed a new start even in a world like taht and every single one of us could use a new start from now and then and that makes his story relatable at least from my point of view. He didn't wanted everyone to think he lived because they could try and find him adn this way they just left him on his own. besides even not liking kenny and know he cna survive on his own for a while before finding another group. Sorry for the long post but I let myself go when I talk about stuff I like, and since I'm the only one so far to comment I guess taht's not too much trouble to read.

  • bobjosh, there's a lot of people on the forum that think Kenny is alive. I'm one of them.

    Telltale even said his fate will be explored in Season 2.

  • People need to realise that if telltale wanted kenny dead then they would have shown him being eaten or at least bitten like all the other characters. Since this hasn't been shown and telltale have personally said that kenny will be explored, either we will find him dead in the forest area or he is in fact alive.

    • I completely agree with you, it specifically says

      He was lost in the herd so there is still speculation on what happened to him

    • Actually that's why I think too that Christa is alive... TT wouldn't kill Omid on camera right when the game strats to kill Christa off camera a few minutes later... And yes I think kenny is alive beacuse just finding his dead body wouldn't explore that much since he's dead can can't talk :P

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