• I'm going TWD with this one.

  • TWD though I liked both almost equally.

  • TWD ep2 had closure, you where introduced to some new places and characters, some really bad shit happens and resolution is archived. It also introduced the important concept of dead returning no matter how they die. It felt really complete, TWAU ep2 was great but it just introduced more questions and gave very few answers, plot didn't move forward much.

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  • As far as episode 2, they were totally different. Episode 2 of TWD was almost a side story. Besides Larry's death and the car it really had no consequence on the whole game since it was just to show us how crazy people can be. It was like a psychological thriller all of a sudden. Episode 2 of TWAU was very involved with the main plot line and just kept plugging away at clues and events. They were both good. Standing alone, TWD Episode 2 is better though.

  • Barring the fact that they are two very different types of games (minus mechanics) I'm throwing my meager Two Cents behind 'Smoke and Mirrors.' Just felt the writing was sharper and smarter, and the characters managed a staggering degree of dramatic pathos without being drenched in blood or outrunning flesh eaters. TWD relies too heavily on playing Russian Roulette with it's protagonists lives to ever feel satisfying or appealing. At least for me. Given the game's success I'd wager I'm in a bit of a minority.

    • Maybe we're both in the minority, then. I feel the same way that you do.

      It's the same reason why I stopped reading The Walking Dead comics after a while, but still eagerly await each new volume of Fables or one of its spin-offs. I just prefer the universe. I did really enjoy TWD ep. 2, but for me TWAU ep. 2 was better.

  • I'm thinking it's pretty pointless to compare both games.... Hell, i enjoy them both! I will say that TWAU ep 2 seems very similar to the ep 3 of TWD, in terms of storytelling and moving things forward.

  • I'm going with The Wolf Among Us. I just enjoy this series more than TWD. However, I do think that Episode 2 of TWD was my favorite. It just seemed to go down hill from there for me until the last episode. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy TWD, but TWAU to me is just more enjoyable and more engaging.

  • I'm not a gamer, but TWD hooked me. TWDS1E2, however, was my least favorite. It just didn't, for me, feel like it fit the rest of the story as well. Almost like a side story. To be honest, I don't know anything about the graphic novels so I'm not comparing it to anything. Not hating, just how it felt to me.

    I, personally, am enjoying TWAU more. I LOVED Lee. He was a good guy. I still get a little sad when I think about it. Bigby gives me a chance to let out a side of me that I try to contain in my real life. Someone not so nice. It's a good outlet, and I needed that right now. I like that there's more freedom. I'm hoping my actions will have more consequence in the long run. My husband played TWD very differently than me, but we basically had the same conclusion. I know we can't branch too much, but I'm kinda hoping for a little more variety.

  • Oh, WD easily. But come back with a TWD S2E1 vs. TWAU E1 decision, and I'll have a much more different opinion. ;)

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