I think I know who the killer might be...

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I definitely think that Hans is a suspect, because the murders so far have only been girls from the Pudding and Pie. What do you guys think?



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    Alt text No.I don't think he's a suspect.

  • Any particular reasons why?

  • I think he's just a supporting character.Like,you know...On the occasion of going to a strip club,he's the janitor.I dunno,he just doesn't seem to have it in 'im.

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    Hans told us where the book was therefore helping our investigation, if he was the killer he would have kept his mouth shut. Even if Bigby eventually found the book he wouldn't have assumed Hans knew where it was and Hans would not have been thought of as a suspect.

  • Hans is from the fable Blockhead Hans or Clumsy Hans out of 3 sons he was the dumbest so the fact that he told Bigby about the book is because Hans is supposed to be stupid.

  • well... the killer seemingly helping with the investigation is a good writing trick to not suspect them though ;) But I don´t think it´s him either... even though my thoughts aren´t exactly based on anything very logical either. Since he is Hans he should be pretty dumb (hence talking about the book) in which case he wouldn´t come far as a serial killer xD

    But of course him being dumb could be played... so I conclude: at this point it could be anyone (apart from chars from the comics)

  • Thanks guys. Another fable crossed off the suspect list. (Most likely)

  • He is dumb and therefore would always tell what he knows. Classic helping hand.

  • What about the red headed suspect that people have been talking about? He's just a random background character, but people have been awfully suspicious of him. It's certainly possible that Hans could have a role in this as well.

  • Hans isn't very bright and he isn't charming, killers are charming that's why I stay away from ppl who r too dam nice to me. Their trying to be someone their not. So yeah hes not.

  • Yeah,but i see Hans as an episodic character.That spawn of Satan your talking about followed Bigby,like,EVERYWHERE he went.That's why people are suspicious.That,and desperation.Plus,Hans seems chill to me :)

  • Hans looks like a buff version of the ginger guy. Maybe he has a glamour on?

  • Hans is just an idiot Muscle Man. He can't be the killer and hide things.

  • well he could kill those woman, taking order from Someone else maybe?
    with his size he could take care of a troll..

  • that's another good theory, he can see all the girls and see what all of them are up to. Hes got the muscle but not the brains :(

  • All I am going to say is think about the huff and puff cig that was found in room 207, who did Bigby share a smoke with in episode 1, think about it

  • I definitely think that someone doesn't like Bigby, and knows which girls he's talked to. We know that someone was laughing when dumping Lily's body, (Thanks TJ) and we know that the murder weapon is "Either sharp or something magic was attached to it" I don't think we've met the mastermind, but I still think someone in the Pudding and Pie is following orders.

  • I don't think that Hans is the killer and that's why :he was d###(i don't want to hurt him) enough to tell us there's a book about stripper's "clients".I'm sorry to say that he needed to be dumb because of the fables.

  • But it did lead to the evidence of Crane, and as I saw one person say: "I doubt Crane would take selfies and leave them their to find" this might be a big setup for Crane, and we don't know for sure that Hans is completely stupid.

  • Come on guys! Anyone who has completed episode 2 knows Crane at least killed Lilly and has been stalking Snow!!! The real question is where does it go now

  • Come on guys! Anyone who has completed episode 2 knows Crane at least killed Lilly and has been stalking Snow!!! The real question is where does it go now

  • Come on guys! Anyone who has completed episode 2 knows Crane at least killed Lilly and has been stalking Snow!!! The real question is where does it go now

  • Thanks for the comments! My 1st discussion is up to 23 now!

  • People don't think he has it in him (Including me) because I mean he was a school teacher for god sake!

  • No i dont think its him .

  • But he a lonely weirdo. He could just have an obsession with Snow

  • Yeah..You may be right.thanks for the info's.

  • Yeah but haven't we all been lonely weirdos with obsessions with girls in some point in are lives? But with all joking aside, the cuts on the girl's necks are "Either very sharp or have magic attached to it" and I don't think Crane has the nerve or strength to do anything himself of that magnitude. (At least not without help)

  • What about the crooked man? I think he will be someone we have already met, but haven't taken much notice of

  • Knowing TellTale they wouldn't make someone called the "Crooked Man" the murderer and btw their was a discussion where someone released the 3d model of the character and he isn't someone we've met, but he might be glamoured and such.

  • Ah ok, I reckon we won't get the real killer til episode 5, they couldn't drag it over 3 episodes.
    Did anyone else suspect Bluebeard during the interrogation? I got tweedle Dee. Blue beard smiled when ever you hit him, but could that be because Dee wasn't talking?

  • Bluebeard smiled because he's an asshole (Which I like)and it was said during the first episode that he has a history of decapitating young woman which is WAY to obvious. It might be badger though since "He likes his privacy"

  • Badger? Since he's not really come into it yet we don't know what he's like. I hope it's not Bluebeard, he's one of my favourites at the moment ( not just because he sounds like Lee!)

  • Could you guys stop it with the trolling,please?I have nothing with the downvotes,but getting the same amount on every post is obviously the mark of one or more trolls.

  • I don't see how anyone could dislike that face! I love you Clem!

  • No. It's not hans. He's just muscle really..

  • Lethal, stupid, and... Usable!!!

  • The Killer will be Little Red Riding Hood trying to get Revenge on the Big Bad wolf for trying to eat her. You heard it here first

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