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"The walking dead"

posted by Ellias BANNED on - last edited - Viewed by 291 users

What was the point of telltale naming the walking dead - "the walking dead" ?

It is nothing relevant to the show or comics, from what I know.

So what was the point exactly? was it just for publicity? Because if anything, that was a great idea and quite honestly It's better than both the show and comics.

But still.. was it just an excuse to use comic like art? This still puzzles me. But I also think it's a bad call bc people often get confused with the game & show. And sometimes even get survival instinct (cringe)with twd by ttg. Even heard people bought survival instinct bc they thought it was relevant to ttg's. And I have no idea why robert sold the franchise to activision or who ever created s.i.. He even said himself he'd hate it to be a lame first person shooter - generic zombie like game..

ya ty leave your replies if you have any assumptions or answers.

Edit: wow 2 minutes in and already 1 downvote? I sense instant haters.

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