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What makes a good zombie apocalypse survival team

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If you were in the zombie apocalypse. What kind of group would it take to survive in the zombie apocalypse? There can't be any be any make believe characters like batman or chuck Norris.

In my opinion, I feel a zombie apocalypse team needs:

1 A leader: someone who can make tough choices and keep the group together

2 At least two muscle: you need someone who can fight and carry out orders (these guys need to be skilled fighters)

3 A doctor or vet: Someone needs to take care of the wounded

4 Errand person: Someone who is willing to risk their lives to get supplies and food

5 Farmer: to grow food and crops

Then you need a few other people to help provide some protection when bandits or zombies come.
That just my idea of a successful survival team. Feel free to add your thoughts!

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