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Anyone else feeling a little lackluster?

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I dunno. After TWAU Ep. 2 and its.. well, problems, I'm feeling a little "meh" about Season 2 Episode 2 coming out. I mean, we have Telltale staff bragging about playing it through on social media, but no release date? No communication with the players? I don't know if it's TWAU, Telltale's secrecy, or me just being cynical, or all three, but I'm really not feeling excited for Episode 2. I was uncontrollably excited for it after I finished Episode 1, but after the past three months, I'm not even concerned with it.

Anyone else feel this way?

  • I doubt that TWD would be as "problematic" as the second episode of TWAU. TWAU was having issue, but as far as we know, those issues have not affected TWD in any negative way.

    Here, let me rebuild your hope:

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    SaltLick305 BANNED

    Something I don't like about Telltale is that they don't give you a release date, They leave you 2 or 3 months hanging than 3 or 4 days before releasing the actual episode they post a couple of screenshots or a vine and thats it, It would make things a lot easier if they would just give you a day that you can mark in your calendar

    • Shit happens when you try to release something episodically. They have always tried to stay within the 6-7 week schedule, and if they haven't, they usually have a good reason for it.

      • On the page, it says Walking dead is being released every 4-6 weeks, which is a little ridiculous, or maybe just optimistic on their part.

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          SaltLick305 BANNED

          Everytime they release an episode they could give you a date to expect the next one, It doesn't have to come out that same day but al least fans have an idea you know because right know we don't know when the episodes will take 3 months or 4 weeks, Realeasing the screenshots and vines periodically would make much more sense than just putting them out there 3 days before

        • They will try, and if they don't, they delay it until it's ready. I wouldn't mind an episode being delayed a bit longer if it's for our good.

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