• I agree, more or less, with most of what you wrote. But this thing stung my eye badly.

    "And yes, I think Kenny's alive. I'm pretty sure Telltale have been paying attention to everyone screaming to have him back."


    Hopefully they have backbone not to resort to fan service just because some vocal people are obsessed with a certain support character.

    I'm fine it's Kenny, I'm fine it it's Lilly, I'm fine if it's someone else entirely. Never ever it should be someone specific just because some fans want it.

    Whoever it is, I'm more interested on how they came to survive.

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      CathalOHara Moderator

      I was going to say that myself actually, about how I'd like to know how they had survived. But I felt like my post had gone a bit too long at that point. So I just cuted it off there.

      And I don't blame you for having an eye-sting on that last part. I did just throw it in there.

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    Antero BANNED

    jesus christ, go play the first episode of season 1 and completely forget about the rest of the episodes, you'll feel exactly the same as you feel right now about episode 1 of season 2.

  • Good points made. I enjoyed All That Remains, but I hope the next episode isn't afraid to slow down a bit. It was fast-paced with Clementine lost and dealing with a group that didn't trust her, but when things ease up I'd like a chance to explore again.

    The lighter moments are what give the tragedies their impact. Give the characters a breather like we had at the Motor Inn or Dairy. Let people interact and have proper buildup for the harsher moments that will inevitably follow.

  • I agree that the game is trying too hard to go for a cinematic approach. The Walking Dead isn't about nonstop action, it is about interactions between characters and sadistically difficult choices. Those two things go hand in hand, because how can a choice be difficult if I don't care about anyone involved? I don't want the game to constantly try to top itself, I want characters to die in a realistic manner that fits in the story. Shock value doesn't work in your favor if it is contrived and lacks any buildup whatsoever.

    As for length, that was something that really pissed me off. I am very concerned with the length of the season as a whole, considering the recently, TWAU E2 was also very short. I agree that it can be attributed to the pacing of the episode, as there was no downtime whatsoever. If we were given some opportunity to speak with members of the group, it could have easily been expanded by at least 30 minutes. Not to mention that the stopping point was completely unnatural. It just seemed to end randomly, it felt very awkward.

    Also, another problem of mine:

    Clementine as a protagonist. We all love Clementine, but having the player make choices for Clementine diminishes her character. I feel like I am Clementine, which is good from a gameplay standpoint, but bad from a narrative standpoint. I never find myself wondering how Clementine would make a decision or respond to a piece of dialogue, I just make the choice based entirely off of my personality. Basically, I am forcing my personality upon her character, and my personality largely differs from both S1/S2 Clementine. This is not to say that I don't enjoy playing as Clementine, I just don't feel the same affection toward her that I did in season 1.

    Sean and Jake leaving is... concerning, to say the least.

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      CathalOHara Moderator

      Yeah, I've always noticed people have said these points when Clementine was the main protagonist of Season Two. But to be honest, I think it was planned from the very beginning for her to be the lead of the second Season. The game just feels like it's her story from the get-go for me. I understand what you mean. But I feel like when I make her say/do things that made her Season One self sound out of character it was character growth for her in my book. It was like as if you were seeing her grow up and you were proud of her.

      Still though, from a gameplay standpoint playing as a character like her will prove to be a great challenge in future episodes. It's a risky move making a child the main protagonist. Even if it's a character we know and love.

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