• Interesting idea, but I got a neutral vibe from pretty much everyone. I couldn't see Grendel or Holly fighting next to Bigby nor against him. Same with Woodsman. Maybe Beast and Hans to be out there. Not sure the women you befriend/comfort would be much help.

  • Yeah I started thinking something along those lines too. If that's the case then I am glad I didn't rip off Gren's arm. I would definitely want to bring him to a fight. Beast too obviously.

  • I don't mind who i have on my team as long as i have an option to salt lick the killer.

  • Bigby turns into monster wolf and kills everyone i know telltale they like ending what has shock factor but want chance to kill grendal and two dee brothers my bigby evil look at clem always want new cast every season so somethings going happen

  • Short of an entire army or an extremely powerful magical being, I can't think of anything within reason that Bigby would need those other people's help to defeat. I think it's more likely that the final confrontation is mainly a battle of words and accusations, with Bigby needing to win over the community's trust.

    For example, if the antagonist's plan was to frame Bigby for the murders in some elaborate way, and different members of the community either believe in his innocence or condemn him for becoming a monster again, depending on how you've treated them.

  • Well, so far I'd probably only have Toad Jr. with me. So let's hope that insect collection of his has a bunch of trained killer bees or something.

  • I doubt it telltale would have Bigby team up with a bunch of people to take down the killer. He's a lone wolf. I don't think it's very like him to operate in a big group filled with untrustworthy people. I'm sure if there was a final boss, it would be a one-on-one fist fight starring Bigby and the antagonist.

    My prediction is that, in episode 3, 4, or 5 of TWAU, Bigby will have to confront an angry mob of citizens that want to throw him out of Fabletown. The people that he has and hasn't pissed off will effect the size, aggressiveness, and capability of the mob.

  • If that's the case, then nobodies gonna team up with me on my "Big Bad Wolf" play through. I'm a dick to everyone.

  • pffffft I always make him be nice because it's always so awkward and hilarious XD

    BB: No, toad junior... no... sad... don't be ... cry...?
    Snow: sigh

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