POLL: Who would you trust more?

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You're stranded inside a facility packed with walkers. You've gotta find your way out, and you have one pistol and very little time before the place is completely overrun. You only get one character to aid you in your quest, and it is one of these below. Who do you choose?

A: Paranoid Lily (who currently doesn't trust you)
B: Crippled Omid
C: Jolene
D: Larry
E: Duck


  • one word KENNY

  • Is Kenny an option?

  • If not Kenny then Duck I guess.

    He lives in the shadows.

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    B: Omid

    who knows if Lily ain't gonna shoot me. Same with Larry. Jolene is nuts anyway and Duck would be useless. At least I could trust Omid enough turn my back on him without having to worry that he is gonna stab me in the back.

  • Probably Larry, although he is not to be trusted, his strength could be very useful.

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    I'd go with Ben!

    Ok, in all seriousness, I'd probably go with Omid. He may not be much of a help, but at least I won't have to worry about him killing me.

  • Lee C:

    but srsly, maybe Omid. i think i can trust him... i like Lily and Larry but for me they are to dangerous, to... unpredictable.

  • Omid - him and kenny were my two favourite characters.

  • Bromid!

    Is that even a question?!

  • Bromid.

    He may be crippled, but I know he's with me.

    If not Bromid, then Larry.

  • It wouldn't be Lilly or Larry. If I only saved one of them they'd be pissed that I didn't save the other, then they'd probably kill me.
    Same goes for Jolene. She can't be trusted. Duck is useless.

    That leaves Omid. If he's crippled as in End-of-episode-3 then he can still run in a desperate situation. Plus he's the only one I can trust.

  • Larry would definitely kill you, but I'm not so sure about Lilly.

    JakeSt123 posted: »

    It wouldn't be Lilly or Larry. If I only saved one of them they'd be pissed that I didn't save the other, then they'd probably kill

  • Paranoid Lilly. She's a beastly shot.

  • Omid >:U I would likely risk my life for HIM, not the other way around. ;;

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  • Lilly even if she's paranoid

  • Lilly even if she's paranoid

  • The GOOD half of me would take Lilly because she's such a good shot and tactical minded, and do my best to stay on her good side. The BAD side of me would take Duck, and if things get sticky, use him as a last minute escape plan like Shane did.

    I feel horrible for saying that!

  • I'd take Omid or Duck. Mainly because they're the only ones I could trust in that situation...

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