• First play through; Tweed. Took his money, tightened his cuffs, broke his teeth I hit him so much.

    Second; Woody. Lightened his cuffs. Gave him some booze and a puff on a smoke.

    I was harsh with Tweed because he's a thug. He shakes hookers down for money... I think?

    The woodsman seems genuine that he doesn't want to keep fighting, he seems to just be giving up on everything. I can't beat him while he's down because he's already just so low. He needs a friend and sometimes you find friends in the strangest of people. (old enemies)

    • Do you remember whether more of us went for Dee or the Woodsman? I had Dee. I beat him up pretty good too.

      • More people went for Dee.

        I was nicer to the Woodsman. I didn't hit him at all, let him have a drink, gave him a smoke. With Dee, I alternated between asking him questions and smacking him around.

      • Yeah, I think more people had gone for Tweed. I'm shocked a lot of people seem to be playing playing BigB as a nice guy. (By what the stats say) It's odd, but I don't really have a problem with it.

        • Everyone already knows Bigby as a bit of a thug. Acting as a more "patient" cop goes against his reputation. TWAU (for me at least) acts as story of Bigby's redemption. But to echo what you said, I don't have a problem with anyone taking a more aggressive approach when playing. That's just my personal preference and gives the story another layer for me.

          And let's be honest, at the end of the day, it's not like any particular play style keeps you from getting any key story bits or gameplay.

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    Because people tend to play the nice guy on their first playthrough Which I find pretty boring ( With all due respect) in my opinion because thats what everyone does, I on the other hand like to make things interesting and push people to their limits

    • So, you find boring to play like that because everyone else does it? That argument is terrible.

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        I have no problem with people doing it because thats what this game is everyone has the right to make whatever choices they want and i could give 2 flying cents, I find it boring not because im just one more doing it but because being an " ass" or playing the tough guy usually makes certain parts of thr game funnier and is a path not many people explore, in other words your comment is Invalid and has no thought into it, Anything worth listening to?

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        Besides its funny how you are basically the only one who took my comment wrong, I respect everyone's choices and would never tell someone their decisions suck because I don't agree with it, People like to play the game the " right way" but they would tell you being a dick is much more fun, This just shows you the level of ignorance you showed in that comment

        • Yeah ignorance, sure.

          "...people tend to play the nice guy on their first playthrough Which I find pretty boring ( With all due respect) in my opinion because thats what everyone does..."

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            Even though you probably don't realize you just proved my point right, I said " I" find it pretty boring, I don't like it, did I say all the people who were nice were a bunch of idiots or that being good is gay? No, look how many people here have said that torturing is not necessary and thats its just being a dick And im not offended because thats their opinion, Satisfied? Feel better? Take care

            • We aren't talking about other people, but about the fact that you explicitly stated that the choices said people made affected yours. Which is indeed a terrible way to play any game.
              By the way, I see somebody has been thumbing you down. It's not me.

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                Im not downvoting you either its probably a troll, But back to the topic, How in the world would other people' decisions affect mine? I've always played game that way because it usually makes for a better stotyline down the road anyways, My only point was that i find being extremely Nice boring because its the usual thing and it probably doesn't have the same repercussions

  • From what I've read in books about police interrogations, violence, threats to someone's life and intimidation simply doesn't work, not to mention it's against the rules to harm a suspect, physically or psychologically.

    Since it's a game, I went though as many options as I could just to see how either the Woodsman or Dee would respond, because sometimes it adds a lot to the story. In both cases, to begin with, I treated both guys quite well and made them feel like it was okay to answer, and that in doing so they'd be safe or looked after, or the consequences of doing so would be minimized somehow. That's what I've learned from my studies, anyway.

  • Well the game is supposed to be played as if you were Bigby, and a lot of people just wouldn't want to treat people like that. It's understandable that people forced them to talk because of emotional investment in the story or they just thought the suspects were deserving of it, but ultimately it was still something that I wouldn't do

  • Well funny you should have that perspective, cuz what I saw in my choice review was that I "persuaded" the subject to talk. So, there you go.

  • I made that fucker Dee suffer, I honestly wish i would of had more time to torture him before Snow came in.

  • Well...I initially arrested Dee.I wanted him to suffer,but before i could make my first move to hit him,he actually seemed...chill.As in,he was kinda funny and wanted to help with the investigation.Don't judge me because i was willing to give him a second chance!After i saw him pointing the shotgun at Bigby,though,shit got real.I ain't letting the fucker alive next time.Also,i tried this scene with Woody,and i was nice and understanding with him.I like Woody :).And,to answer your question,i was nice to the prisoners not only for their sakes,but for Bigby's,too.I understand he's trying to redeem himself,and my Bigby is doing his best...The only time i let him loose was with Georgie.That twat deserved a good beating.

  • I know why they didn't use violence:

    In episode 2 Red Band Trailer they saw Toad's spying. They didn't want to Scare TJ. So, that's not honest gameplay.

    • Not really.I am a little slow on the uptake.I played the game first.I wanted Bigby to redeem himself and prove to the other Fables that he's changed.That's why i didn't use violence.And because...I kinda pitied the prisoners.They seemed chill.

  • I personally believe that violence, threats or torture is not a reliable way to gain information and will usually lead to the individual just telling you anything to make it stop. That of course is not the case here as both options lead to the same result, but that is why I didn't do it.

  • I was tempted to beat up Dee in order to ensure information, but I wasn't going to use violence if it was completely unnecessary and I could just give him a smoke. Politeness can be just as effective as punches, depending on who and what you're dealing with. Sure enough, I was nice to Dee and he immediately started talking. If he hadn't, I probably would've gone to threats, and then after that outright violence.

    If I'd taken Woody in, I wouldn't really have considered violence. The guy's clearly just a self-loathing sod who's given up on it all, so it's not like you'd really have to anything that harsh to get your info.

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